Lindy, Christopher And Kamryn Simmons’ parents mourn the deaths of their three children, who a drunk driver killed.

In December, a drunk driver killed three of their youngest family members. The three Simmons sisters- Kameryn Simmons, 15, Lindy Simmons, 20, and Christopher Simmons, 17—died in the collision.

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A pickup truck struck the automobile carrying the three boys, their mother, and Christopher’s fiancée head-on.

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The Simmons family’s heart has been broken by the loss of their young people with promising futures, their children.

The ***** Of Lindy, Christopher And Kamryn Simmons: Did Drunk Driver Kill Them?

A small Louisiana hamlet is mourning after three siblings were killed in a car accident eight days before Christmas.

Lindy Simmons, 20, Christopher Simmons, 17, and Kamryn Simmons, 15, were killed Friday evening when their automobile was hit head-on by a pickup truck driven by 54-year-old John Lundy on Interstate 49.

The ***** Of Lindy, Christopher And Kamryn Simmons (source: Yahoo)

Dawn Simmons, their mother, and Christopher’s girlfriend, Marissa, were all sent to nearby hospitals.

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Lundy was pronounced dead on the scene. One of the nine Simmons siblings, Katie DeReoun, recounted her anguish on a GoFundMe website.

“The family’s three babies have passed away,” DeReoun wrote. “My Father has lost his three youngest children and is presently in the intensive care unit with my mother.

My mum is in intensive care and does not know what happened. Our lives have been ruined.”

DeRouen believes Lundy was driving while inebriated, but Trooper Thomas Gossen, public relations officer for Louisiana State Troop I, says Police are still awaiting toxicology results and that impairment is not suspected.

He could have been disoriented and lost, Gossen said TODAY. “Whether he was handicapped has yet to be determined.”

The drunk driver who struck their car was also fatally injured that night. The Simmons family believes that his decision to drive resembles an attempted ******.

Where Are The Parents Now? Family Mourns The ***** Of Children 

The loss of their cherished children has caused their parents to express their sorrow and suffering. They have cautioned people not to drive after drinking and have spoken out against the risks of drunk driving.

The Car after the accident (source: Yahoo)

“The show of affection and assistance has been incredible,” DeRouen wrote on Facebook on Tuesday. “I’m surprised at how God is showing up amid this maelstrom.

Of course, my mother worries about returning to work, and I tried to convince her that she won’t have to fear for a long time. She just kept questioning if the GoFundMe was real.

Look how great this Campaign is, guys. It makes me cry because my mother deserves the WORLD, and I know she’ll have one less thing to worry about.”

John Dalton Rohr, a photographer and former Mississippi State University track and cross-country competitor, was recognized as a “Top Donor.” He used his social media presence in a Sunday post to encourage others to donate to the online Campaign.

Rohr and his brother were among the first vehicles to pull over and help, contacting 911 as they got closer to the collision. They’d lost friends in car accidents and wanted to help in any way they could, even after they returned home.

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