7 Dark secrets of Donald Trump

Donald Trump isn’t exactly a good guy, and it’s evident at this point. He has a long and shady past that is difficult to ignore, even though his admirers and followers close their eyes and put their fingers in their ears over it.

His most sinister secrets take many different shapes, which have either been buried or forgotten over a long period. Whether you are into politics, keeping yourself informed and open to the facts is suitable.

Here are the top 7 dark secrets of Donald Trump that you might not know: 

1. He has ties to the mob.

donald roy cohn mayor Ed koch politico magazine
Trump with Roy Cohn and Mayor Ed Koch
(Source: politico.com)

In Sydney, Australia, a Trump partnership petitioned for a new casino license in 1986. The Police recommended that the Trump application be rejected due to ties to the Mafia after conducting their due diligence during the application process.

The information was in a confidential government document that could only be made public in 2017.

A federal investigation revealed that Trump paid mafia organizations to construct Trump Tower. 

He purchased allegedly overpriced concrete from a business run by mafia lords Paul Castellano and Anthony Salerno. 

According to some claims, he might be connected to the Italian and Russian mafias.

2. He is bald.

7 Dark secrets of Donald Trump
Donald Trump(source: TheDailyBeast)

Of fact, there is nothing particularly wrong with being bald, so why go to such lengths to hide it?

Donald Trump combs his lengthy sideburns in various directions to conceal his bald head.

He underwent “scalp reduction” surgery, which his then-wife Ivana’s plastic surgeon conducted. Trump was reportedly in excruciating pain after the procedure, which went poorly.

3. He has abused women.

7 Dark secrets of Donald Trump
Trump with miss universe pageant winners Chelsea cooley, Natalie Glebova and Allie Laforce

Donald Trump has frequently been charged with harassing and assaulting women, dating back to the early 1970s and continuing up until the present.

Ivana, his ex-wife, once alleged that he had sexually assaulted her; however, she later recanted her claims. 

Beauty pageant owner Jill Harth filed a sexual harassment lawsuit against Trump after former adolescent contestants alleged he would stroll in on them when they were half-naked or otherwise undressed.

 Even he had verbally admitted to unlawfully grabbing and molesting women in a 2005 video.

4. Dark Connections to Vladimir Putin

7 Dark secrets of Donald Trump
Trump with Putin(source: vanity fair)

Donald Trump has dubbed Russian president Vladimir Putin “a strong Leader” and suggested that Obama should be more like him.

He even sarcastically asked the Kremlin to hack Hillary’s emails.

Paul Manafort, who received substantial sums of money from governments backed by Russia, served as Trump’s Campaign manager when he made some of his most pro-Putin comments.

Trump later fired Manafort, but the connections continued. Time revealed numerous hazy connections between Trump’s businesses and Kremlin-affiliated Russian interests.

Trump appears closely connected to Putin’s Russia, as evidenced by several commercial agreements partially financed by the Russian Mafia and key Trump staffers related to Putin’s inner circle.

5. He went bankrupt four times.

7 Dark secrets of Donald Trump

Donald Trump has reportedly filed for commercial bankruptcy at least four times, throughout 1991, 1992, 2004, and 2009 despite never having done so for his debts.

He used junk bonds and lousy debt in each instance, many of which involved casinos, and made poor choices and took on excessive risk.

In response to the criticism, Trump claimed that firms frequently have to declare bankruptcy and that it was a wise financial decision each time he did so.

People still think he’s a terrific businessman despite all this.

6. Operating a Scam University

7 Dark secrets of Donald Trump
Trump in an event at Trump University(source:thewallstreetjournal)

Trump University was not an Academic University in the typical sense. Their teachers, who offered free seminars on how to amass wealth like Trump, were schooled as salesmen.

However, everything was a bait-and-switch ruse of students into several pricey packages on how to study more once they attended the workshops. Among them, one cost $35,000.

7. He knowingly hired illegal immigrants.

7 Dark secrets of Donald Trump
Donald on Trump Tower(source: politico)

During his Campaign, Donald Trump promised to build a wall along the Mexican-American border to keep illegal immigrants out. In a meeting at the White House, Trump referred to illegal immigrants as “animals.” 

He routinely characterized immigrants as “criminals” when campaigning. But in the 1980s, Trump knowingly hired undocumented immigrants to assist in the construction of Trump Tower.

Although Trump denies it, he was aware that he was hiring illegal immigrants, according to many witnesses from the incident, including an FBI informant who gave testimony under oath. They claimed that he forced them to labor seven days a week in a hazardous setting without safety equipment. 


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