Is Susan Smith Still in Jail

Is Susan Smith Still in Jail? American Susan Leigh Smith was found guilty of drowning her two kids, Alexander, then 14 months old, and Michael, 3, to death in a South Carolina lake in 1994.

Smith made a false claim that her sons had been taken during a carjacking by a black man, which caused the matter to receive international attention.

David Bruck and Judy Clarke, her defense attorneys, sought specialists to testify that she had mental health difficulties that affected her judgment at the time of the murders.

Smith was given a life sentence with a 30-year parole eligibility period. She will be eligible for parole on November 4, 2024, according to the South Carolina Department of Prisons.

Leath Correctional Facility, which is close to Greenwood, South Carolina, is where she is detained. Let’s dive deep to know Is Susan Smith Still in Jail.

A Mother’s Confession: Is Susan Smith Still in Jail?

Infamous child murderer Susan Smith, 50, who drowned her sons in 1994 and has been imprisoned, has a BOYFRIEND.

Father of two, divorced and in his 40s, started writing to her after watching a documentary on her last year.

Since she drowned her two young sons in 1994, Susan Smith has been serving a life term in jail. From there, she has been writing her boyfriend love letters.

One of South Carolina’s jail system’s most notorious inmates is the 50-year-old. Smith has begun a long-distance relationship with an unidentified man, hoping it will last until she is granted parole in 2024.

Is Susan Smith Still in Jail
Is Susan Smith Still in Jail? (Source: Daily Mail)

After watching a documentary on her last year, the divorced Father of two in his 40s started mailing her love letters.

One of the most notorious inmates in South Carolina’s prison system, Susan Smith, has been writing her boyfriend love letters from the facility where she is serving a life sentence for the 1994 drowning deaths of her two young kids.

What Happened To David Smith Wife?

David Smith told WYFF that he worried about having more children seven years after losing his sons. “I have no chance of surviving another child’s burial.

This individual lacks the strength to repeat that, “He clarified. That changed after Savannah, his child with Tiffany Moss, his ex-partner, was born.

I promised I wouldn’t be frightened to love her, care for her, constantly defend her, and be there for her as she looked at me as I looked at her, he recalled.

Judy Clarke and David Bruck collaborated as Smith’s attorneys in 1995. Clarke stated Smith was distraught and depressed in their opening argument.

Smith drove to the lake’s edge intending to kill herself and her two sons, but her body willed itself out of the vehicle, according to the defense’s version of the case.

Is Susan Smith Still in Jail
In Jail for Killing Her Kids, Susan Smith ‘Is Talking Marriage’ with New Boyfriend After Release. (Source: Eonline)

On the other hand, the prosecution thought she killed her sons to begin a new relationship with a former lover.

The jury found her guilty of killing them after two and a half hours of deliberation.

Tommy Pope, the principal prosecutor in the Smith case, vehemently fought for the death penalty throughout the punishment phase.

In the end, the jury decided against applying the death penalty. Smith’s defense doctor says she has significant depression and dependent personality disorder.

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