Aamir Majid

Aamir Majid, the Indian Moto vlogger, biker and actor, is rumored to be dead. The news is actively swirling over the media premises. Is He Dead Or Alive? Let’s know!

If you are a moto vlogger lover, then you must have heard the name of Aamir Majid. He is a famous moto vlogger and singer from India. 

Besides, Majid is one of the huge content creators in India and has over 2.54 million subscribers on the Youtube platforms. Aamir’s craze is huge in his native country. Also, people follow and like him internationally. 

Similarly, Aamir started his Youtube journey in 2018, and over the years, his vlogging has improved a lot, and his craze can be considered for a reason. 

Aamir often shares videos on his youtube channel, and most of his videos have surpassed over 1 million views; the Youtuber is in the limelight for the death of Agastay Chauhan, whose youtube channel can be found as PRO RIDER 1000. 

Aamir Majid Death: Is Indian Moto Vlogger Dead Or Alive?

Aamir Majid is gathering huge media attention and swirling all over online media sources. Besides, many people assume he is dead. On the other hand, many YouTubers are creating content over his death. 

So for everyone concerned, Majid is not dead; he is alive and doing fine. Also, a few hours ago, he posted a video on his youtube channel regarding the death of another moto vlogger, Agastay Chauhan. 

Aamir Majid
Aamir Majid with late moto vlogger Agastay Chauhan. (Source: Instagram)

Fans of both moto vloggers seem captivated to know about it, as many people blame Amir for not teaching at the accident spot of Agastay, as both riders were on riding together at that time. 

Therefore, mass people blame Majid for running away from the accident spot and not helping Agastay, which he has mentioned through a youtube video on his channel. 

Similalry, people were demanding the raw video of the accident day to clear out everything and 18 hours ago, he uploaded a video clearing each situation that happened that day. 

Hence, this has been clear that Majid is not dead; on the other hand, fans lost another moto vlogger, Agastay Chauhan, and in this controversy, Amir is rumored to be dead. 

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Indian Moto Vlogger Aamir Majid Arrest And Charge

Aamir Majid has not been arrested or charged for anything. As said earlier, Aamir has been linked to the death of Agastay Chauhan, and people are blaming him and alleging him for the unexpected death of Chauhan. 

Besides, many YouTubers have made videos on this topic, as many are clarifying the incident, whereas many claims they were over speed. 

Yet no charges have been made against the Moto vlogger, and no updates have been released regarding Agastay’s death.

On the other side, fans are mourning the death of Agastay. The news is unbelievable for many moto vloggers, fans and lovers. 

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Who is Aamir Majid? Indian Moto Vlogger Bio

Aamir Majid is one of the successful Moto vloggers from India. Majid has over 2 million subscribers on his youtube channel, which is active as Aamir Majid. 

Aamir Majid
Aamir Majid with his mother. (Source: Instagram)

Moreover, Majid has a considerable fan following on his Instagram handle, where he has gathered more than 535k followers and can be followed under the username @aamir__majid. 

Additionally, Aamir is a resident of Jammu City, and he is the first youtube based in his birthplace, Jammu. Amir was born on 5th June 1998, and his parents raised him in Jammu Union Territory, India. 

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