Aaron Brink Son

People are keen to know about former MMA fighter Aaron Brink’s son Anderson Le Aldrick, who was arrested for mass murder at Club Q. 

MMA-fighter-turned-porn-actor Aaron Franklin Brink learned that his 22-year-old son had been charged with killing five people and injuring 18 others.

It occurred last weekend in a shooting at a Colorado Springs nightclub catered to the LGBTQ community, and he reacted immediately.

Brink, who resides in Southern California, received a call late Sunday night from a defense lawyer informing him that Anderson Lee Aldrich had been taken into custody for the shooting at Club Q.

“You know Mormons don’t do gay,” Brink, who has acted in movies like My MILF Boss 8, I Wanna Get Titty Fucked, and Latina Slut Academy told CBS 8. We don’t do gay. The Mormon church is homophobic. We reject gay people.

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Lawyers for Aldrich, who in 2016 changed his name from Nicholas Franklin Brink to avoid his father’s murky past, claimed in a late-Tuesday court filing that Aldrich is non-binary and that “they use they/them pronouns.”

The booking records, however, indicate that Aldrich is a man. Also, Aldrich’s mother referred to her son as he and him in text from the day of the shooting that a source close to Aldrich showed to The Daily Beast.

Aaron Brink Son Anderson Lee Aldrich- Where Is He Now?

The suspect was charged by authorities on Tuesday with 305 felony charges, including hate crimes and murder, for allegedly walking into a Colorado gay nightclub while wearing body armor and opening Fire with an AR-15-style weapon, killing five people and injuring 17.

The 22-year-old Anderson Lee Aldrich sat alertly in a chair during the hearing. The defendant made an earlier court appearance just a few days after the shooting.

Aldrich was slumped over, covered in bruises, and his attorneys had to prompt him to answer the judge’s questions.

Aaron Brink Son
Last month, Anderson Lee Aldrich made a brief video appearance from prison while slouching in a chair. (Source: News Sky)

Just before midnight on 19th November, Aldrich entered Club Q, a haven for the LGBTQ community in the largely conservative city of Colorado Springs, & started shooting during a drag queen’s birthday.

Customers attacked Aldrich into submission and wrestled the suspect to the ground, and the killing allegedly ended.

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Aldrich had been detained on suspicion of a hate crime.

Still, the prosecution had previously stated that they weren’t sure if those charges would stand because they needed to determine whether there was enough evidence to prove the crime was motivated by bias.

Michael Allen, the district attorney, stated that bias-motivated crimes would not be tolerated without evidence supporting the charge. That murder charges would carry the harshest punishment, likely life in prison.

Anderson Lee Aldrich Parents Might Be To Blame For His Action

His original mother was often arrested in Texas and California, while his biological Father had a history of drug use and participation in the pornographic industry. While Aldrich was still a little child, his parents divorced.

The first hints as to who the alleged shooter was come from Aldrich’s difficult upbringing and his previous life as Nicholas Brink, though it is not yet clear whether or not his turbulent upbringing is connected to the attack at Club Q. 

The alleged shooter appeared to have been the victim of online bullying shortly before changing his name and displayed traits of a fascination with gay culture.

Pamela and Jonathan Pullen, Aldrich’s biological grandmother and stepgrandfather, and his mother, Laura Voepel, all signed the petition. Voepel put “birth mother” in place of the word “petitioner” beneath her signature. 

Aaron Brink, Aldrich’s biological Father, approved the name change in writing.

The document bears a signature, the date of 4/18/2016, and the words, “I am the birth Father of Nicholas Franklin. As the designated guardian of Aldrich, Pamela Pullen signed her name.

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According to Mrs. Pullen’s Facebook profile, which has since been removed, Aldrich spent a significant portion of the last few years residing with his maternal grandmother and stepgrandfather, Pamela and Jonathan Pullen,

In the Colorado Springs region before they relocated to Florida in late 2021., I have been advised of the petition to change the legal name of my son.”

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