Aaron Carter Found Dead In Bathroom

Famous American singer/rapper Aaron Carter was found lifeless in his bathtub on 5 November 2022. Housekeeper found him dead. The footage of his ***** scene has gone viral.

The rapper’s unexpected ***** was a massive shock to the entire entertainment industry. Aaron gained notoriety as a teen pop singer in the late 1990s. During his 27-year-old career, the skilled musician established himself as one of the most popular singers.

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The rapper’s ***** has made headlines again after his mother, Jane Carter, shared graphic footage of where he was found dead. The heartbroken mother also accused authorities of not investigating Aaron’s ***** as a potential homicide.

Let’s explore all the circumstances surrounding the late musician’s *****.

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Aaron Carter Found Dead In Bathroom: Video Gone Viral

Aaron Carter was found lifeless last November in his bathroom/bathtub.

According to the autopsy findings/result, Aaron Carter took drugs and prescription medications before passing.

Aaron Carter Found Dead In Bathroom
(Aaron Carter with his mother) The American rapper was found dead in his bathtub, and the footage of his ***** scene has gone viral. (Image Source: Page Six)

According to the Los Angeles County Medical Examiner’s findings, Aaron drowned in the bathtub of his Lancaster home. Before that, he took alprazolam, a generic Xanax, and inhaled compressed difluoroethane, the propellant in compressed air cans.

According to the investigation, he was “incapacitated while in the bathtub due to the effects” of the narcotics and the huffing. In the end, he drowned after slipping beneath the water. The Lancaster native’s ***** was officially ruled to be accidental.

However, the rapper’s family claimed the coroner told them there was no water in his lungs, and they believed their beloved family member had passed away from a drug overdose.

Jane Carter shared a few pictures of Aaron’s ***** scene recently. She said she is still trying to get an honest investigation into her son’s *****.

The footage has taken the internet by storm. Numerous people share Aaron Carter’s ***** site footage on social media.

Aaron Carter Mother Jane Carter Believes Her Son Didn’t Die Of An OD

Aaron Carter’s mother and family don’t believe he died of a drug overdose.

While sharing five graphic photographs of her son’s ***** scene, Jane Carter “I want to share these ***** site photographs with you all as the coroner ruled it an accidental drug overdose.”

The rapper’s mom continued, “Because of his addiction history, authorities never investigated it as a possible crime scene,” she accused. The late singer had a long history of addiction and mental health problems.

The images have also sparked disgust from several fans of the rapper. Jane responded by saying her family and friends, who knew she had to share awful pictures, supported her.

The devastated mother also revealed that her son had a lot of ***** threats, and many people made his life miserable.

Aaron Carter Fiancee Melanie Martin: The Star Was Threatened

In an interview with TMZ, Aaron Carter’s fiancee, Melanie Martin, said a drug dealer was threatening the rapper.

Aaron Carter Found Dead In Bathroom
Aaron Carter and his fiancee, Melanie, welcomed their son in November 2021. (Image Source: TMZ)

She assumed Aaron might have met with the person he was talking to before his demise, and they (the rapper’s family) suspected he had taken a substance that could have killed him.

The musician’s body was found alongside many cans of compressed air and prescription pill bottles. In addition, there were many clothes near the bathtub, such as sweatshirts, pants, and beanies.

The nozzle tip of one of the compressed air cans was in the sweatshirt’s pocket.

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