Aaron Carter

Aaron Carter Suicide case has been a topic in social media. So, let’s see more about his cause of Death. 

Aaron is an American rapper, singer, and songwriter who has gained fame as a pop and hip-hop singer.

He came to fame as a teen pop singer and made himself a star among preteen and teenage audiences with his four studio albums.

Was Aaron Carter Death Cause: Was He Murder or Suicide?

Aaron Carter, born on December 7, 1987, was discovered dead at his House on November 5, 2022.

The well-known American singer Aaron’s death news shocked the entertainment industry and audiences. As no exact cause of death has been officially reported.

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According to the mirror, the singer’s body was found in his bathtub, and Police received a phone call saying a male had drowned in the tub.

Aaron Carter Suicide
Aaron Carter’s dead body was taken from his Home ( Source: nypost )

His remark that he had no intention of killing himself and was instead going into the studio to create new music left many people perplexed about how he died.

Aaron’s older brother, Nick Carter, stated in one of his Instagram, “Sometimes we want to blame others for a loss, but the truth is the addiction and mental illness is the real villain here, and I will miss my brother more than anyone. I love you, Chiz.”

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As reported by Distractify, Aaron has opened up about his mental health struggle and has “multiple personality disorder, schizophrenia, acute anxiety, and manic depressive.”

Since Carter had drug issues that may be the reason for drowning himself due to the overdose, we can’t be too sure until official information provides more information about his cause of death.

Aaron Carter Relationship

Aaron Carter has been in many relationships in his past life and was engaged with his former ex-girlfriend Melanie Martin.

They started dating in January 2020 and revealed in June 2020 that they were engaged. However, the couple broke up due to problems in Carter’s family and didn’t get married.

Aaron Carter girlfriend
Aaron Carter with his ex-girlfriend and fiancé, Melanie Martin  (Source: etonline)

The couple broke up after two days; they welcomed their son. She filmed herself crying in TikTok while driving with raw emotion after finding Aron’s death.

Although the singer is dead now, Melanie stated, “My fiancé passed away, and I have to love Aaron with all my heart. It will be a new journey to raise a son without a Father and respect the family’s privacy in accepting the loss of a loved one.”

Before Carter’s relationship with his fiancé, he was previously in a few relationships with Lindsay Lohan, Hilary Duff, Kari Ann Peniche, Kaci Brown, and Brooke Hogan, from the sources ranker.

Aaron Carter Children

Aaron Carter and Melanie Martin welcomed their first child together on November 22, 2021, and named their son “Prince.”

In one of Aaron’s Instagram posts, he captioned, after 13 hours of labor, my fiancé is in great health and loves his precious son, and mommy loves you as I drop tears on the phone.

Before Carter’s death, he lost his custody of Prince and enrolled in his fifth rehabilitation to be a better dad for his only child.

Aaron Cartor son
Aaron Carter with his precious son, Prince (Source: Instagram )

He put all his effort into rehab to bring his baby back home and started a month-long outpatient program in Los Angeles, as stated by heavy.

The American Singer told the public that the treatment helped him to stop smoking and stabilize his relationship with Martin, and he was happy to be a parent and start his new life, The U.S. Sun.

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His child has inspired him to make his life perfect without addiction, sees him as his savior, and loves him unconditionally.

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