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Former Fort Worth Police officer Aaron Dean was found guilty of manslaughter Thursday, shooting the death of Atatiana Jefferson in 2019.

Three years later, Atatiana Jefferson found justice after a team of 14 jurors announced Dean was guilty of the convection

Aaron Dean Mugshot Jail Update

Two days after Atatiana Jefferson was shot dead, Dean resigned from the Fort Worth Police Department before he was arrested.

According to Police records, Dean’s legal counsel said he would provide a detailed written statement regarding the shooting, but he never did.

On 20 December 2019, Tarrant County District Attorney’s Office confirmed that a grand jury indicted Aaron Dean on the charge of murder.

Later the Fort Worth Police Department said in a statement that it respects the grand jury’s decision and will continue to work together.

Still, the District Attorney’s Office could not comment further due to the gag order.

Judge David Hagerman, who was set over the trial of former Fort Worth Police officer Aaron Dean was removed from the case on 28 June 2022 after attorneys successfully argued that Hagerman showed bias against them.

Prosecutors rest 3 days into Aaron Dean murder trial.
Prosecutors rest 3 days into Aaron Dean’s murder trial. (Image Source: Dallas Morning News)

A former State Court of Appeal judge granted the application for recusal.
Hagerman presided over more than two of the case and delayed the trial multiple times at the defense’s request.

The defense also accused judge Hagerman of treating their team angrily and filed a motion to recuse him.

Dean’s defense attorney Jim Lane passed away at 79, one day before the Jury selection was set to begin.

The large pool of 200 jurors was narrowed down to 14 jurors of, eight men and six women, for the murder trial.

After six days in court, the jury found former Fort Worth Police Officer Aaron Dean guilty of manslaughter. Starting Friday, jurors will begin deciding how long Dean will serve in jail.

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What Did The Former Fort Worth Police Officer Aaron Dean Do?

On 12 October 2019, Atatiana Jefferson’s neighbor reported to the non-emergency Police that her doors were open in the middle of the night and asked for a safety checkup at Jefferson’s House.

Aaron Dean Found Guilty Of Manslaughter In 2019 Killing Of Atatiana Jefferson
Aaron Dean Found Guilty Of Manslaughter In 2019 Killing Of Atatiana Jefferson. (Image Source: Hollywood Unlocked)

The Police arrived at Jefferson’s House at around 2:24 am. Jefferson took out her gun because she heard noises outside her House and a flashlight in her backyard.

Deener, the prosecutor, emphasized Aaron Dean and his partner did not identify themselves as Police while being outside Jefferson’s House.

Deener said, “She had no idea it was someone who was supposed to serve and protect,”

The officer approached the dark room, shined a flashlight, and yelled, “Put your hands up! Show me your hands!” but did not identify himself as Police at any point, according to body camera footage. 

The glare from the flashlight makes it difficult to see anyone in the window. A minute later, Jefferson was pronounced dead.

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Jefferson’s nephew, who was there at the time of the shooting, told the investigator that Jefferson stayed up late to play video games with her nephew.

After hearing noises outside, she took out a handgun from her purse and pointed it toward the window to protect her nephew from what they both thoughts was a prowler.

Dean resigned from his post before he was arrested two days later.  

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