Aaron Ong and Josh Rider

Paul Virgona was on his way to a market for his daily order of groceries when Aaron Ong and Josh Rider shot him.

The news about Paul Virgona is from 2019, becoming trending news in the current year. 

People have been interested in Paul Virgona getting shot in his car by two men. 

Many people have been questioning the reason behind it and who is the person who shot Paul. Let’s know about the cause together. 

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Aaron Ong And Josh Rider, Charged With The Murder Of Paul Virgona

Aaron Ong and Josh Rider were seen inside the car while shooting at Paul. 

Neither has spoken about the reason behind the shot and who made it while he was in the car.

Aaron Ong said they followed Paul Virgona’s car for almost two hours when they shot him. 

They were watching his reaction before shooting him, but it looks like they got into an argument when Paul was shoot. 

Aaron Ong and Josh Rider who killed Paul.
Aaron Ong and Josh Rider killed Paul Virgona. (Source: Herald Sun)

After the investigation, it was found that he was shot with Eleven rounds from a semi-automatic handgun with seven strikes. 

Both of them did not plead guilty, which meant they had been working as a team. So, both of them got arrested for the charge of murder. 

They directly hit him in the driver’s side, so the car stopped, and he was dead at that moment. 

During the investigation, Police said that they found him in the same position where he was killed, and he had a mobile in his lap. 

Also, after the investigation, they found out that the car both the men were using was stolen, clearly showing that they were there to kill Paul. 

It was not an accident, they were stalking him almost two hours before he was killed, and everything was planned during the shot.

Looking at the relationship, Ong and Rider did not have any connection with Paul. Both of them were looking at the men for the first time. 

Someone might have sent them, but why did they not answer anything after being charged with murder? 

Still, many people are confused about the incident; he was just ordinary. Why would someone place to kill the person? 

Everyone has a different question, but they have yet to share the reason, and we couldn’t find the cause.

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More About The Victim Paul Virgona

Paul Virgona was ordinary; he went to the market to have some groceries in his home. 

Paul was 46 years old when he died. He was the Father of two children; he had a wife in his home. 

His family shared the information when Police informed them he was shot in the middle of the road by two men. 

Picture of Paul Virgona.
Picture of Paul Virgona. (Source:7NEWS)

When the investigator talked to his family about him having any enemies, their answer was always no. Virgona was a very caring and loving person, according to his family.

It is always hard for the family to accept that their loved one is no more with them; his parents have not come out in public after the question.

Hopefully, the main reason behind the killing of Paul Vrigona, an innocent man, will come soon. 

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