Abubakar Sharrif

Following the Abubakar Sharrif death news, the investigating authority has charged a Burlington man for stabbing him to end. 

Likewise, Police authority captured Von Simmonds, who hails from Burlington, for inquiry. He is charged with second-degree murder with the killing of Abubakar Sharif, also of Burlington, who was just 23 years old.

Following the criminal news, where a young man was killed by stabbing, many people have questioned the security forces about the case. With this, Police forces carried out a detailed investigation throughout.

Such criminal offenses keep occurring in different places daily, and it has threatened many people to think twice before they go out. 

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Who Is Abubakar Sharrif? Murder News Has Surfaced Over Media

Abubakar Sharrif is the victim who lived in Burlington. His murder news has surfaced in media outlets, and people are shocked he heard about his dangerous killing.

Suspect arrested in deadly downtown stabbing
Suspect arrested in deadly downtown stabbing (Source- WCAX)

As his stabbing happened at the Piesanos Restaurant on Main Street early Sunday morning, they immediately called the Police to inform them regarding the matter.

When People notified the Police personnel about the disturbance and assault at the restaurant at 3:08 am, they immediately reached out to rescue the aftermath.

They claimed that the male victim was seriously injured and bleeding heavily from apparent stab wounds. As the injury was deep, he was rushed toward the hospital.

However, he was declared dead at the hospital as he was seriously affected, and medics could not help his situation shortly. 

Von “Red” Simmonds Has Been Arrested And Charged With 2nd Degree Murder.

Soon after, the investigation authority got notified about the matter; the case is being investigated by collecting the whereabouts of people linked with the issue and evidence.

Burlington Police have arrested Von as a suspect in a fatal downtown stabbing on Sunday following numerous inquiries. Likewise, they say Von “Red” Simmonds of Burlington likely killed Abubakar Shariff.

The suspect is charged with second-degree murder and is being held without bail. They may gain more information regarding the matter while having him further an investigation.

He is predicted to be indicted tomorrow morning at the Chittenden Superior Courthouse. If he is found guilty of his crime, he may be sentenced to several years.

With further investigation, if his case points more precisely, then the judge can announce for death penalty too. However, his records have not showcased any kind of criminal history before.

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Burlington man charged in downtown stabbing death
Burlington man charged in downtown stabbing death (Source- VTD Digger)

Where Did Abubakar Sharrif Death Take Place?

Abubakar Sharrif was found dead at the Piesanos Restaurant on Main Street a few days ago. The next day at the restaurant, a cleaning crew was seen working inside with a memorial for Sharrif placed outside of the restaurant.

Moreover, Burlington Police Head Jon Murad verified that the stabbing occurred inside the restaurant premises. He believes it to be a fight between two groups of people leading to the aftermath.

Murad added that the incident does not appear to be over something other than two groups of people running into each other. Under the influence of liquor, it seems to have a fight that comes from that kind of behavior.

Besides that, the authority conveyed this marks Burlington’s fifth murder of 2022. For some residents, stabbing is part of a more significant trend of increased violence in the city.

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