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People are searching more about Adriana Kuch Death as she ended her life after a video of her being bullied went viral.

The horrific beating of Adriana Kuch, 17, was caught on camera at a high school in New Jersey, where administrators appeared powerless to stop it. It was uploaded online.

Two days later, she committed suicide, prompting community members to demand that the school’s leadership be changed.

One parent revealed she is even suing the school district after an uncannily similar event involving her daughter.

It prompted the online petition that has now received more than 6,000 signatures from the community calling for changes to the school administration and increased security.

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Adriana Kuch Death And Obituary: Why Did 14-Years Girl Suicide?

A 14-year-old girl from New Jersey killed herself after viewing a horrific video of women savagely beating up a kid in the high school hallway that went viral online.

Now that he is furious, her grieving father has resolved to pay tribute to his daughter by highlighting a deficient educational system that, in his view, neglected serious school bullying.

Adriana Kuch, a Central Regional High School student, was discovered dead at home on February 3—two days after the horrific video aired.

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Adriana Kuch Death: Justice for Adriana Kuch. (Source: Fox News)

In the disturbing footage, Adriana and her boyfriend can be seen wandering down the local public high school hallway when a kid comes and starts slapping Adriana in the face with a water bottle.

Adriana is kicked and punched mercilessly by a bunch of kids as soon as she reaches the ground. The youngster who recorded the horrifying footage can be heard cheering.

Two school employees stopped the ambush about 30 seconds into it. Adriana’s face and legs were severely bruised after the assault on February 1.

Adriana Kuch’s Parents: Meet Her Father

Sadly, not much information on Adriana Kuch’s mother could be located, but Michael, her Father, has frequently posted on Facebook to seek justice.

The Father of a 14-year-old girl who committed herself after being caught on camera being savagely attacked at a high school has criticized those who have linked the tragedy to race.

The attackers’ race cannot be determined from the video. However, some internet commenters have conjectured that a race-related issue may have led to the assault at Central Regional High School in Berkeley Township, New Jersey.

However, Adriana’s Father fiercely refuted those assertions on Thursday as he sought retribution from school officials who, in his view, did nothing to stop the assault on February 1.

Michael Kuch, the Father of Adriana Kuch, has denounced those who assert that his daughter was attacked in the school hallway with racist motivation, calling their claims “trash.”

Adriana Kuch Death
Adriana Kuch Death: Adriana’s father seeking justice. (Source: Facebook)

Michael Kuch shared a screenshot from an Instagram story in which someone passing by one of the protests commented: “They are protesting against that white girl.” On Thursday, Kuch wrote on Facebook: “People are sending me rubbish like this.”

Michael said that his daughter “liked everyone” and “did not care about race,” saying that “the world would be a better place if everyone were as colorblind as she was.”

Michael had previously told ABC 7 that he was appalled by his daughter’s treatment.

Adriana wasn’t wounded by being hit with a water bottle; instead, he claimed the humiliation and embarrassment of the constant attacks hurt her.

Kuch claimed, “My daughter passes out, but instead of calling an ambulance, they take her to the nurse’s office.”

Adriana is 98 pounds, 5’2″, and loves everyone, he continued, adding that she has never been in a fight before.

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