Adriana Kuch Parents

Andriana Kuch attempted suicide after being assaulted by four teenage girls; Adriana Kuch parents have been fighting for her justice. 

Andriana Kuch attempted suicide two days after a teenage girl attacked her; she was found dead on February 3, 2023, in Bayville’s home. 

She was bullied and had minor facial injuries; the video about her being bullied went on different social media platforms. Kuch was walking down the hallway with her boyfriend when they recorded her and assaulted in relentlessly way.

She couldn’t bear the pain; she was 14 years old when she died. It has been reported that four teen girls were charged with the assault of Adriana and have been following their next hearing. 

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Who Are Adriana Kuch Parents?

Andriana Kuch was born to Father, Michael Kuch and mother Brandy Kuch; as per the report, her mother died from a drug overdose long ago. 

The news about her mother has not been confirmed yet. On the other hand, Kuch’s Father has been seen in public fighting for her daughter’s justice. 

Adriana Kuch father Michael Kuch shared the incident about his daughter.
Adriana Kuch’s Father, Michael Kuch, shared the incident faced by his daughter. (Image Source: Dodbuzz)

Michael said that she seemed fine the day before her death; it never looked like something was bothering her from the inside. 

Her Father mentioned she was in her home after those girls; the school administration attacked her and asked her to stay home until her injuries healed. 

Michael and Adriana shared a great relationship; Adriana was living with her Father after her parents separated. Michael has been fighting for her daughter since he found her dead in her room. 

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Meet Adriana Kuch, Father Michael, And Step Mum Sarah 

No clear information about Kuch’s biological mother has been out; however, it has been reported that she is no more in this world. 

Adriana was living with her Father and stepmother, Sarah. According to the sources, Kuch shared a significant relationship with her mother; she used to love being with her. 

School superintendent Triantafillos Parlapanides tried blaming her Father, Michael, for her death; they mentioned that dad’s ‘poor choices’ and alleged ‘affair’ led to the tragic death of Adriana.

The school superintendent mentioned that his Father was involved with his present partner, Sarah, when his daughter was in grade 6.

Adriana Kuch's father, Michael, pictured with her stepmom, Sarah
Adriana Kuch’s Father, Michael, pictured with her stepmom, Sarah. (Image Source: Daily Mail)

So, after Sarah and Michael started living together, her grade decreased, and they mentioned her family problem was bothering her.

Paralapanides mentioned they asked her parents for drug rehab and mental services on five occasions, but the Father refused every time.

But, her parents believed that the school was trying to cover up by blaming them. They canceled their daughter’s funeral and mentioned that Central Regional High School’s faculty were present at the visitation.

Michael has been defending himself and fighting for the truth on social media. But the school administration has not stopped blaming him for not giving good care to his child.

He mentioned that the school’s management repeatedly called them incompetent and said that the school didn’t want to expel Adriana because they were worried about a loss in revenue. 

Michael said, ‘If my daughter is only worth $23,000 a head to them, then because they would lose four students, then what is anybody’s kid worth.’ 

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