Uvalde Mother Arrested

Adriana Reyes, Uvalde’s Mother Arrested in Oklahoma City. Get to know more about the arrest case via this article.

Oklahoma City Police arrested Adriana Reyes, mother of the Uvalde Texas school shooter, this Wednesday.

She was arrested at home near Southwest 25th and Barnes. Police confirmed that Reyes was accused of assaulting and threatening a man.

Continue reading the article to learn details about the case. We will include everything in detail about the case trending on the Internet.

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Adriana Reyes, Uvalde Mother Arrested After She Allegedly Threatened To Harm Another Person

Reyes is the mother of Salvador Ramos, an 18 years old former student at Robb Elementary school in Uvalde, Texas, who fatally killed nineteen students and two teachers.

Ramos also shot his grandmother in the face a day earlier.

This week his mother, Adriana Reyes, was reported twice for domestic violence. On 1st January, Police officers visited Reyes’s home at the same address following a domestic disturbance complaint.

This Wednesday, Police were again at her door after she assaulted and threatened to kill a man.

The man reported to Police officers that Reyes was threatening to kill him, and he was terrified of her. She might also kill him in his sleep.

Texas gunman’s mum insists he ‘wasn’t a violent person’ after he murdered 21
Texas gunman’s mum insists he ‘wasn’t a violent person’ after he murdered 21. (Source: Metro UK)

According to reports, she yelled at the man in front of a Police officer but denied threatening him.

A witness verified the man’s statement, and Reyes was arrested. She is being held at the Oklahoma County Detention Center on a $1000 bond. She remained in jail up to Jan 5, 3:30 pm.

According to the Uvalde Police report, Reyes was arrested on June 21, 2022, on charges of trespassing and driving with an expired license.

While returning from the station, the victim’s family of the Robb Elementary School shooting yelled at her for being the mother of the murderer, to which she replied, “You have no right to judge my son. No, you don’t! No, you don’t. May God forgive y’all.”

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Adriana Reyes’s Son Salvador Ramos School Shooting

On May 2022, a mass shooting occurred at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas. Nineteen students and two teachers were shot dead, and 17 more students were wounded in the incident.

My son was not violent insists mother of Texas gunman who killed 21 at school.
My son was not violent, insisted the mother of a Texas gunman who killed 21 at school. (Source: IBC.co)

The shooting was carried out by an 18 years old boy named Salvador Ramos, son of Adriana Reyes. Ramos was a former student of the same school.

On the day of the shooting, He was carrying an AR-15-style rifle and shot fired for nearly 5 minutes outside the school before entering.

He entered the school through an unlocked entrance door and shut himself inside two attached classrooms.

He killed the victims and stayed inside the school for approximately one hour before the United States Border Patrol Tactical Unit shot him.

Texas Police reported the shooting was the third deadliest shooting in the United States and deadliest in Texas.

A day before the shooting, Ramos shot his 66-year-old grandmother in the face following a disagreement over a phone bill at their home. She survived the shot and sought help from neighbors.

The Police arrived at the scene, and she was taken to a hospital in San Antonio in a chopper.

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