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Fans of Mike E. Winfield, who is well-known in the U.S. for his hilarious stand-up routines, are interested in learning more about Mike E. Winfield wife.

Mike has appeared numerous times, including at the Laugh Factory, Comedy T.V., and Acting Out.

Additionally, Mike is a multi-talented individual who has appeared in several films and television programs, including Ballbuster, Satanic Panic, Greatest Ever, and Hell.

Mike E. Winfield, an AGT finalist, was born not far from Baltimore, Maryland, and later went to California, USA, for his career.

Mike E. Winfield received his primary schooling at a nearby public school. Mike started concentrating on his job after graduating with honors from high school.

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AGT: Who Is Mike E. Winfield Wife, Kisha?

Mike E. Winfield wife, Kisha and Mike have been dating for more than ten years. Mike made many blunders throughout the marriage since he needed to prepare to be a husband.

He creates diamonds out of the highs and lows of his life and marriage, which he then gives away on stage.

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The couple appears to love and care for one another even though they are not the same age, and there is no hint of a divorce.

Mike E. Winfield Wife, Kisha, appears to be a devoted wife who supported her husband in his decision to pursue a career in comedy and enjoys seeing him make audiences laugh on stage.

Winfield would prefer to keep his partner’s identity a secret. Therefore he has yet to disclose any private information to the public. His wife has been a wonderful cohabitant.

Mike E. Winfield Family: Does He Have Kids?

When the comedian fell in love with Kisha and married her, she was already expecting a child. The happy news of a new kid has yet to be shared with Mike and Kisha’s followers.

He frequently makes fun of his stepson in his shows and the age gap between him and his wife.

He now jokes about dubbing his stepson StepMAN because he is older and has grown to get along with him.

Mike E. Winfield stepson
Mike E. Winfield with his stepson whom he jokingly calls stepMAN. (Source: Instagram)

Mike appears to be a little private regarding his details, like his family. Thus he has not disclosed much about his stepson and other family members.

Mike E. Winfield, a comedian, is his parents’ beloved kid. His parents constantly encouraged him to pursue his goals and make a successful career as a stand-up comedian.

Mike E. Winfield Net Worth 2023

Mike has also not revealed anything regarding his net worth as there is no information on the web about his exact net worth.

According to various sources, Mike’s estimated net worth is over $4 million as of 2023. However, this information is yet to be confirmed by the comedian himself.

He receives compensation for his comedy, live performances, reality shows, acting, commercials, and many other endeavors. Mike runs a clothes Company on his website, demonstrating his entrepreneurial skills.

Mike E. Winfield net
Mike E. Winfield in front of his poster. (Source: Instagram)

Even though the comedian seems rich, he has not posted a single picture flexing his money anywhere on his social media.

When writing this article, he goes by the handle @mikeewinfield and has over 100k followers and around 2.2k posts.

He looks active there, frequently posting stories and pictures of himself and updating his profile.

He mostly posts reels of his stand-up comedy sessions, so only a little information about his lifestyle was gained from his social media.

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