Aisha Akram Viral Video Call

Aisha Akram Viral Video Call: The well-known Pakistani Tiktok star is embroiled in a leaked video controversy capturing the attention of many.

Aisha Akram, a former badminton player from Pakistan, has been embroiled in a scandal and controversy after a video call and an MMS of her with an unknown man were leaked online.

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The video call, which was reportedly recorded in November 2023, shows Akram talking to the man in an intimate manner and revealing personal details about her life and career.

The MMS, which was allegedly made in 2010, shows Akram and the man engaging in sexual acts.

The video call and the MMS have gone viral on social media platforms, sparking outrage and criticism from the public and the badminton community.

Many people have questioned Akram’s morality and integrity and accused her of tarnishing the image of Pakistan and the sport of badminton.

Some have also called for legal action against her and the man for violating the cybercrime laws of Pakistan.

Aisha Akram Viral Video Call: What Did She Say?

In the video call, which lasts for about 15 minutes, Aisha Akram can be seen wearing a black dress and sitting on a bed.

She talks to the man, whose face is not visible, in Urdu and English. She tells him she is 38 and retired from badminton in 2010 after participating in the South Asian Games in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Akram says that she won two national championships in 2005 and 2007 and that she represented the National Bank of Pakistan domestically.

Aisha Akram Viral Video Call
Pakistani TikToker Aisha Akram under fire over a viral video call leaked online. (Image Source: True Scoop News)

She also mentions that she participated in several international tournaments, such as the BWF World Championships, the Iran Fajr International, the Syria International Series, and the Nepal International Series.

Aisha also reveals some personal information about her family and relationships. She says she is divorced and has a son who lives with her ex-husband.

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The TikToker says she is not in touch with her parents or siblings, who live in Lahore. She lives alone in Islamabad and works as a coach at a private badminton academy.

She says she met the man online, and they have been talking for a few months. Aisha says that she likes him and that she wants to meet him in person.

Aisha Akram Scandal And Controversy: How Did The Public React?

The video call and the MMS of Akram have sparked a lot of scandal and controversy among the public and the badminton community.

Many people have expressed their shock and disgust at Akram’s behavior and actions. They have condemned her for being immoral and unprofessional and for bringing shame to Pakistan and badminton.

They have also criticized her for being careless and naive and for falling prey to a cybercriminal who might have blackmailed or extorted her.

Ayesha Akram Scandal
Aisha Akram viral video call has sparked a lot of controversy with supportive as well as criticizing messages. (Image Source: Pakistan Observer)

Some people have also demanded legal action against Akram and the man for violating the cybercrime laws of Pakistan.

They have urged the authorities to investigate the matter and to punish them accordingly. They have also appealed to the Pakistan Badminton Federation (PBF) to take action against Akram for damaging the reputation of the sport.

However, some people have also defended Akram and sympathized with her situation. They have argued that Akram is a victim of cybercrime and that she deserves privacy and respect.

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They have also pointed out that Akram is a human being who has the right to live her life as she pleases.

They have also praised Akram for her achievements as a badminton player and for representing Pakistan at various international events.

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