Aishwarya Thatikonda Parents

The victim of the Texas Mall ********, Aishwarya Thatikonda parents information, will be discussed in this article. 

A group of individuals, including an engineer from India, a family, and two primary school-age sisters, are among the eight fatalities in a mass ******** on Saturday at a shopping mall near Dallas, Texas.

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Several people sustained multiple gunshot wounds and still receive medical treatment.

The incident is still under investigation as authorities gather more details about those who lost their lives at the Allen Premium Outlets mall.

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Texas Mall ******** Aishwarya Thatikonda Parents

Thatikonda Aishwarya Reddy, a 27-year-old Indian engineer and daughter of a judge, was one of the eight victims killed in a mass ******** at a mall in Texas on May 15th.

Aishwarya was preparing for her birthday on May 18th and had completed shopping when the ******** began. 

According to her relatives in Texas, she was the first person to be shot, followed by her friend, who was taken to the hospital for treatment.

She had worked hard to achieve her goal of settling in the US with a good job and was eagerly awaiting her birthday.

A vigil was conducted on May 7 to honor the victims of the ********.
A vigil was conducted on May 7 to honor the ******** victims. (Image Source: Yahoo Sports)

She was excited to celebrate after a long time. She had also mentioned to her family that many Indian students had planned to gather at the mall for a get-together, which was circulated on social media.

Her relatives described her as warm-hearted, but a shooter abruptly ended her life. 

The family resides in Saroornagar, Hyderabad. Aishwarya went to the United States four and a half years ago to pursue higher studies, completed her MS in Civil Engineering, and started working two years ago.

Aishwarya Thatikonda parents also planned to get her engaged by October and married in December. Aishwarya was known to be a strong and independent woman who wanted to take care of her parents after securing a job.

Texas Mall ******** Vicitim Aishwarya Thatikonda Mother Aruna And Father T Narsi Reddy

In India, Aishwarya was born to her mother, Aruna, and father, T Narsi Reddy. Her father, T Narsi Reddy, holds the position of Additional District Judge at the Special Court for Trial and Disposal of Commercial Disputes.

Aishwarya had spoken to her mother, Aruna, a few hours before the ******** and mentioned that she was purchasing a birthday present for a friend.

Aishwarya’s mother used to speak to her every day, and when she saw the news of the ******** on TV, she tried to call Aishwarya, but there was no response.

Her worried family members contacted her friends and relatives to find out if Aishwarya was safe, but they could only get information at midnight.

Aishwarya, was among the eight people who lost their lives in a ******** that took place at Allen Premium Outlets mall
Aishwarya was among the eight people who died in a ******** at Allen Premium Outlets mall. (Image Source: The Indian Express)

Aishwarya’s brother, Srikanth, also studied at the same college (MVSR Engineering College), and the faculty members were familiar with the family.

S.V.S. Murthy, the college’s vice-principal, said that Aishwarya and her father spent much time with the faculty during Srikanth’s wedding in April 2022. The college is planning to hold a condolence meeting for Aishwarya.

Local people following the news also shared condolences and prayers for her family and close relatives. 

Aishwarya’s friend, who was with her in the mall at the time of the ********, was also injured. Srinivas Reddy went on to say that Aishwarya was a very attentive daughter.

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