Akanksha Dubey Murder

The investigation into Akanksha Dubey’s death is ongoing, as the Police have not ruled out the possibility of murder.

Akansha Dubey, a Bhojpuri Actress, is said to have died by suicide on Sunday, March 26, at a Varanasi hotel. 

The shocking news of Akanksha Dubey’s passing shook the Bhojpuri industry. In Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh, a hotel found the Actress dead. 

The 25-year-old Akanksha committed suicide after debuting in the industry with Meri Jung Mera Faisla. Police searched for a man in her room for 17 minutes before she passed away.

The family has also requested the media and the public to respect their privacy during this difficult time.

Akanksha Dubey Murder Case: Did She Commit Suicide?

Some reports suggest that Akansha Dubey’s death might be a case of murder.

Akansha Dubey, a well-known Bhojpuri Actress, was reportedly discovered dead inside her hotel room in Varanasi on March 26.

Akanksha Dubey death
This tweet by Aarav Gautam expresses concern over the possibility of foul play in Akanksha Dubey’s death. (Source: Twitter)

The UP Police have charged Bhojpuri singer-actor Samar Singh and his relative Sanjay Singh with aiding suicide, but they asserted on Tuesday (March 28) that “no foul play” was involved in her passing.

According to recent reports, a man was seen dropping Akanksha Dubey off at her hotel room on a Sunday night. He allegedly even talked to her for 17 minutes in her room, and now the cops are seeking him.

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However, the Police have not ruled out the possibility of murder, and the investigation is ongoing. Akanksha’s family and fans are demanding justice and hoping the Police will discover the truth behind her death.

Akanksha Dubey Parents Manoj Dube And Madhu Dube

Akanksha Dubey’s parents, Manoj Dube and Madhu Dube are devastated by their daughter’s death.

They have expressed shock and disbelief at the news of her death and are demanding justice. According to the Police, the Actress’s mother, Madhu Dubey, reportedly complained and filed a case against two individuals. 

The mother of the Actress has charged Sanjay Singh and Samar Singh with killing Akanksha. On March 21, Akanksha Dubey received a phone call from the Actress warning her that her brother Samar Singh had threatened to kill her.

They claimed that Samar Singh and a family member had been tormenting the Actress for the previous three years and were, therefore, to blame for her daughter’s murder. 

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Police have asserted that Madhu Dubey did not go into detail regarding the harassment that the two were causing to Akanksha.

Was Akanksha Dubey Live On Instagram Before Death?

According to Indiatoday, Akanksha Dubey went live on Instagram some hours before she took her own life. 

Akanksha Dubey live
Dr. Nimo Yadav tweeted about the tragic death of Bhojpuri Actress Akanksha Dubey, stating that she committed suicide in a Varanasi hotel. (Source: Twitter)

The Bhojpuri Actress reportedly broke down in tears and had an emotional breakdown. On social media, clips of her sobbing throughout the LIVE session have gone viral.

Her emotional collapse has an unknown cause as of yet. Also, Akanksha released a reel of herself dancing to a Bhojpuri song before she passed away.

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The family is still trying to come to terms with their loss, hoping the Police will discover the truth behind her death. The investigation is ongoing, and the Police are leaving no stone unturned to solve the case.

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