Al Smith Death

Al Smith’s Death news has been a topic to discuss as it came to know it was a suicide. 

Smith played college basketball and was interested in basketball at an early age; he started his professional career after being selected in the 11th round of the NBA Draft by the Chicago Bulls in 1971.

He was also drafted by the Denver Rockets in the ABA Draft and decided to play for them.

After the news about his death broke, it was a question to raise. Please get to know the reason behind his suicide through his article.

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This article will include everything you need about the player suicide case.

Al Smith Basketball Death And Obituary: Why Did He Suicide?

Journal Star confirmed Smith’s death, and many of his family and friends shared condolence on Twitter on Monday.

Condolence shared for a former basketball player Al Smith.
Condolence was shared for a former basketball player Al Smith. (Image Source: Twitter)

As per the news, he was found on the ground, shot by himself in his apartment. It was a self-inflicted gunshot after he shot his girlfriend. 

As per the news, his girlfriend was found to be shot at the Sarasota apartment complex.

After Law enforcement was present at the location and tried contacting Smith, he stayed contactless. His girlfriend was sent to the hospital; no update has been filed after that.

Sarasota County officials forced entry to make contact, but they found he died by suicide from a self-inflicted gunshot.

It was very unexpected to find the player at that place, and they did not find any other evidence to make the suicide a murder case.

After the case update was out, many people believed that it was a murder. It shows how it looked like a murder public mentioned.

But news confirmed that it was a suicide after he shot his girlfriend; the reason behind it is yet to come out in public.

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Al Smith Suicide Case Update 

Romando, the editor of USA TODAY, confirmed the news on December 23, 2022. He mentioned he was 75 years old. 

Former basketball player Al Smith committed suicide after shooting his girlfriend.
Former basketball player Al Smith committed suicide after shooting his girlfriend. (Image Source: Twitter)

The investigation is still ongoing, although the news confirmed it was a suicide case. Many of Smith’s concerned fans shared condolence for him and his family.

Many of them still need to be discovered about the case, as many well-known media sources have yet to cover them.

Smith was very private and only kept his professional life out in public. There has not been any information about his personal life.

Smith was born in Peoria, Illinois in born January 15, 1947. He played basketball, football, and baseball at Manual and earned All-State honors in all three sports.

But he continued his career by choosing basketball and was drafted by National Basketball Association’s Chicago Bulls, and at the same time, he was drafted by Denver Rockets.

So, he chose to stay in The Rocket team and was on the team for the 1973–1974 season.

Then, he was traded to Utah Stars for the 1974–1975 season, spending five seasons with them.

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