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Alby Mangels And Judy Green accident news has been the talk of the town but is the news related to the accident true? Let’s find out.

Alby Mangels may not be the new name if you are familiar with the World Safari adventure travel films such as World Safari, World Safari II, and World Safari III.

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He is an Australian adventurer and documentary filmmaker who gained widespread recognition following the World Safari adventure films along with his travel partner Judy Green.

Furthermore, Alby has remained away from the limelight for quite a long time, spending most of his time living under an assumed name in a secret island location.

It is reported that Alby has one more adventure in the works. Currently, the name of Alby and Judy is again in the limelight, and people are concerned about the accident update.

Miss Australia: Alby Mangels and Judy Green Accident

According to ABTC, Alby Mangels and Judy Green got into an accident when they were on a visit to South America. The traveling partner was on their jeep towards Manaus when they got into an accident.

Alby Mangels and Judy Green Accident
Alby Mangels and Judy Green snapped together in a frame. ( Source: Facebook )

There is very little info about the accident, and it is unknown what happened then, but sources say they collided with the bus. Mangels reportedly regained consciousness in the hospital. 

It is said that the bus rolled down a ravine, and several passengers were also killed. Following the accident, Alby suffered broken ribs, a collar bone, and a fractured skull. 

On the other hand, Judy suffered severe head injuries. After that, her mother came to the place to take care of her daughter. Later, they made plans to return to Australia.

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Alby Mangels and Judy Green 2024 Update

As we know, Alby Mangels and his traveling partner Judy Green got into an accident, and they faced some injuries. Since then, they have remained away from the people’s eyes.

Mangels have rarely given interviews in the past few decades, and he takes a while to open up over the phone. So, it is said that Mangels lives a simpler existence.

Alby Mangels
Alby Mangels shared an old photo on his Facebook Wall. ( Source: Facebook )

Furthermore, Alby is a health fanatic who still cuts a striking figure in a singlet but has no desire to live to 100. Meanwhile, he may come out of retirement for one last time.

He is staying on an island, but the details about them remain unknown as Mangels has not shared anything yet. So, more details regarding Alby’s upcoming plans and projects may get updated soon.

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Where Is Judy Green Now?

Judy Green is reported to be an Australian Actress born on April 1, 1964. According to her IMDb page, Green has made her appearance in the movies such as Mr. Nice Guy, Raiders of the Sun, and The New Adventures of Robin Hood.

Judy Green and Alby
Judy Green and Alby Mangels pose for a photo shoot in 1983. ( Source: ABC.Net.AU )

Her most recent project, named Tesla Effect, was released in 2014, where she landed the role of Assassin #1. The same report by IMDb shows that she has been married to Richard Norton since 1993.

So, it is believed that Green is living a low-key life with her partner, who is also a renowned name in the showbiz industry. 

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