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Often the popular podcast ‘Call Her Daddy’ host, Alex Cooper finds herself amidst the drama, but Grant Cooper, Alex Cooper Brother is there to pull her up.

Alex Cooper is an American On-Air studio anchor mostly known for her popular podcast ‘Call Her Daddy’, where she interviews celebrities, influencers, and TikTok stars.

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She was born in Newton, Pennsylvania in the year 1994 to Brain and Laurie Cooper. She has a sister named Kathryn and a brother named Grant.

Before her ‘Call Her Daddy’ fame, Cooper was better known as an Instagram model. She has 2.4 million followers to date.

With an annual salary of $20 million, Cooper is now the highest-paid female podcaster on Spotify and second only to Joe Rogan.

Alex also played soccer during her younger days, while she was at the university, she continued playing soccer and won several MCT championships with her team.

The call her daddy podcast took off Alex’s career, she found a lot of fame after inviting many A-lister celebrities to tell-all in her show.

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Inside Alex Cooper Brother Grant’s ‘Frat’ Life

Unlike Alex, her four years younger brother Grant Cooper has chosen a completely different path for himself.

Alex Cooper brother Grant Cooper is the founder of a marketing and sales website called ‘Cometly’.

While his older sister has already made a successful career for herself, Grant is still starting as he is still in a university where he is part of a fraternity.

Alex Cooper Brother
Alex Cooper Brother Grant on her graduation. (Source: Instagram)

Grant’s Instagram page suggests that the numbers in his follower list might not be as vast as his sisters’, but he has got himself some fans too. He currently has more than 9k followers on his socials.

Based on his timely posts, he appears to live a very ambitious, disciplined as well as young, and ruthless life.

The young Cooper has a very beautiful girlfriend. It appears that he is quite good at making friends and has a lot of them in his college.

Alex Cooper brother Instagram is filled with pictures of people and places he loves, he definitely loves sports and extremely adores his sister, Alex, posting a lot of pictures with her.

Alex and her brother Grant sometimes appear on her YouTube shorts, her brother is often seen defending her whenever another influencer tries to feud with her.

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Alex Cooper’s Drama-Filled Life: Why Does Her Colleague Despise Her?

The podcaster has been caught in a lot of drama in recent times, some of them involve many famous YouTubers, TikTokers, and even celebrities.

Her very first drama was with her ex-co-host Sofia Franklyn for the ‘Call Her Daddy’ show.

She claims that while the chemistry looked all fair on camera, they both despised each other off camera.

After Alex became the only host of the podcast, people started blaming her for always wanting to achieve this and cornering her co-host to back down.

Alex Cooper On Call Her Daddy
Alex Cooper On her YouTube channel regarding her Call her daddy Feud. (Source: YouTube)

Alex Allegedly tried to insult the famous ‘Cole Sprouse’. She called the famous actor on her show and later claimed to have hated the interview and that she hated Cole’s personality.

People are amazed at the list of celebrity guests invited to her show. She has a unique way of making her famous guests spell out things that are out of their comfort zone.

Many people have blamed her for only asking questions that her guests allowed her to and acting too bored and uninterested while her guests are opening up.

Logan Paul was one of those people accusing her of doing that which caused Alex Cooper brother Grant Cooper to share some words with Logan on Twitter.

Alex herself is not very vocal on social media, she shares many of her professional and personal memories on her Instagram but is not so active on Twitter.

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