Alex Greenwood Footballer

Alex Greenwood tattoo news is trending on the internet. Keep reading this article till the end to know if the English footballer has some art on her body.

Alex Greenwood is a professional footballer from England playing for the Women’s Super League club Manchester City as a left-back or center-back. She is also a national player playing for the national football team of England.

Furthermore, Greenwood is considered to be a set-piece specialist. Since 2020, Greenwood has been playing for Manchester City, but before that, she was associated with other clubs.

Her professional football career began with the team of Everton. Later, Alex went on to represent clubs such as Notts County, Liverpool, Manchester United, and Olympique Lyonnais.

Alex Greenwood Tattoo: How Many Does She Have?

Exploring the images of Alex Greenwood on her Instagram handle, it can be said that she is a tattoo lover as the professional footballer has some tattoos on her body.

It remains unclear how many tattoos Greenwood has, but most of her posts show that Alex has four tattoos on her body. Greenwood has made some amazing art on her upper body parts.

Greenwood has inked some cute designs on her arms, and on her left elbow, Alex has written something which remains unclear.

Alex Greenwood Tattoo
Alex Greenwood has an amazing tattoo on her back. ( Source: Instagram )

However, the professional footballer has not said much about her tattoos in the media. Due to that, it becomes pretty challenging to know what Greenwood has written on her left elbow.

Furthermore, fans and followers of Alex have been asking questions about the meaning behind her amazing tattoos, which have been shared below.

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Alex Greenwood Tattoo Meaning and Design

Alex Greenwood tattoo has dragged the eyes of many people as she has inked on some of her upper body parts. As said earlier, Greenwood has not said anything about the tattoos on her body.

But going through her social media posts, it can be said that Alex has inked some cute art on her body parts. Her biggest art is on her middle back, which shows the design of a crown.

Alex Greenwood Tattoo Meaning
Alex Greenwood shared a photo on her Instagram handle showing her tattoos on her left arm.  ( Source: Instagram )

Likewise, Greenwood has a small crown design on her left bicep; below that, she has another design, but its meaning is not accessible in the public domain.

It appears like Greenwood has another tattoo which seems like a leaf. Apart from that, Greenwood has no tattoos on her lower body.

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Alex Greenwood Hairstyle Explored

Just like her tattoos, fans and followers are also eager to know Alex Greenwood’s hairstyle. In most of her game appearances, Greenwood makes ponytails.

She has blonde hair color. Furthermore, Greenwood has not said much about her hair to the media, but it can be speculated that her hair is natural.

Alex Greenwood Hairstyle
Alex Greenwood has a blonde hair color, and she often makes ponytails. ( Source: Instagram )

Apart from that, online users have said various things about Alex’s hairstyle on Twitter. Some even assumed that Greenwood might be wearing a wig, but there is no truth about it.

In her games, Greenwood mainly ties her hair and makes a ponytail. Moreover, Greenwood can be followed on Instagram under the username @alexgreenwood5.

From her Instagram handle, Alex shares images of her ongoing lifestyle and events. 

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