Alex Smith surgery

Alex Smith surgery was undertaken following a gruesome injury in his right leg. How is he doing now, and what is the former footballer up to?

The former American footballer played quarterback in the National Football League (NFL) for 16 seasons.

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The San Francisco 49ers selected him first in the 2005 NFL Draft following his collegiate success.

Alex represented Utah in college football, where he won the 2005 Fiesta Bowl and received first-team All-American honors.

He started 167 games throughout his career, with his teams scoring 99-67-1 in those contests. He passed for 35,650 yards, 109 interceptions, and 199 touchdowns.

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Alex Smith Surgery Update: Is He In Hospital? Leg X-Ray

Alex Smith underwent as many as 17 surgeries after a compound fracture in his right leg’s fibula and tibia. Infection that led to sepsis added to the already gruesome injury.

Alex and his wife, Liz, made the painstaking decision to hold off on amputating his leg. He almost lost his right leg, but it was saved.

He also had to spend months in a wheelchair, afterward on a walker, then crutches, and later had an external fixator attached to his leg for over eight months.

Alex Smith surgery xray
Alex Smith’s x-ray five days after Surgery. (Source: Twitter)

Alex spent four weeks in Virginia’s Inova Fairfax Hospital with infection and surgical complications. He was later released in late December 2018.

After retiring from football in April 2021, the QB has joined ESPN as an NFL analyst. The player who ended his 16-season career is set to appear on several ESPN shows, including Monday Night Countdown, SportsCenter, and Sunday NFL Countdown. 

Alex also contributed to ESPN’s coverage of the 2022 NFL draft and Super Bowl LVI.

Alex Smith Injury History

Alex Smith had struggles with injuries and consistency throughout his career.

After leading the 49ers to a new height in 2011, Alex had a concussion the following year and lost his starting position to backup Colin Kaepernick. 

During his first season with Washington in 2018, he suffered a life-threatening injury to his right leg that almost resulted in amputation.

Medical experts had said he would never play again, but he completed a lengthy rehabilitation process and returned to play in 2020.

Alex Smith injury
Alex Smith had a courageous recovery. (Source: ESPN Press Room)

Becoming Washington’s starter midway through the season, he led the team to a division title and earned an NFL Comeback Player of the Year. One of the best injury recoveries in NFL history has been credited with occurring in this instance.

Alex retired during the 2021 off-season after the Washingtons released him.  

Meet Alex Smith Family

Alexander Douglas Smith was born in Bremerton, Washington, U.S., to his parents, Douglas D. Smith and Pam Smith.

His Father, Douglas D. Smith, was an Executive Director at Helix High School and a football coach at Olympic High School.

Alex has three siblings: two sisters named Mackenzie and Abbey Smith and a brother named Josh Smith. They grew up together in La Mesa, California. 

The QB is an American national of European descent; one of his great-grandfathers was an Austrian immigrant of Serbian roots who relocated to the United States from the Austro-Hungarian Empire when he was 12.

Alex, his brother, and his dad each have tattoos of four firesteels, the traditional Serbian cross, to honor him.

Alex Smith married Elizabeth Barry, former Oakland Raiders cheerleader, in 2009. The pair has two sons and a daughter named Hudson, Hayes, and Sloan Smith.

Alex Smith family
Alex Smith with his wife and kids. (Source: San Fransisco Chronicle)

Alex’s family is deeply involved in sports. In addition to his Father, His uncle, John L. Smith, is a former college football head coach, and his cousin, Chris Shelton, is a former MLB (Major League Baseball) player.

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