Alexa Bartell

Alexa Bartell was the 20 years old girl who died after a rock was thrown into her windshield. Updates about Alexa Bartell parents and death case.

Alexa Bartell was a young and growing woman based in Colorado who was killed after throwing a rock through her vehicle’s windshield. 

People are currently mourning the young girl’s death, and the loss devasts her parents. According to the sources, the incident occurred on Wednesday, April 19, when she drove around 10:45 pm. 

Alexa’s unexpected and uncertain death has shocked everyone, and three teenagers have been arrested as the suspect in the case. 

Further, the investigators reported that this remains unknown which of the teenagers was driving during the crime spree. Still, they revealed that the car model is a black 2016 Chevy Silverado.

In addition, the investigators further revealed that the binge included at least five incidents, including the one of Bartell.

Alexa Bartell Parents- Mother Kelly Bartell And Father

Alexa Bartell left behind her parents and was survived by her mother. After the death news of the young girl circulated, people started searching for her parents. 

Everyone’s concern is where the young kid was traveling in a car. So, while talking about her parents, we know Alexa’s mother’s name is Kelly Bartell, but no details have been released about her father as she was the single mother’s only child. 

Further, Bartell’s mother serves as the company’s Senior Accountant and Secretary/Treasurer. And the online sources report she has worked there for over ten years.

Alexa Bartell Parents
Jeffco Sheriff’s official page tweeted about death cause on their Twitter handle. (Source: Twitter)

Similarly, no details about her biological father have been shared yet; therefore, we have no clue about Kelly’s husband, and more details about her family members are accessible. 

Bartell’s mother, Kelly, explains her daughter as goofy and funny, and she had the nature to learn more and more. This is undoubtedly the most challenging moment for Kelly to lose the only child she had. 

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What Happened To Colorado Woman Alexa Bartell?

Alexa Bartell’s death news is currently a hot topic on the internet, and everyone is talking and sharing about the case as this is something strange about death news. 

As said earlier, she was killed after throwing a rock, and Neteziens asked who threw the rock. So, while studying the case in detail, initially, the search team said the murder was part of an “overnight crime series involving a light-colored pickup truck or SUV.”

Likewise, the sheriff’s released the map, which indicates all the incidents happened within a few miles of each other and took place over about 45 minutes.

During the day of the incident, Alexa was driving in Jefferson County, and the suspects threw a large rock at Bartell’s car, Jefferson, who was unsure whether to be inside a vehicle or outside. 

Alexa Bartell
The photo of Alexa Bartell’s car was shared online. (Source: US Today)

However, the investigation is ongoing, and the exact information about the case is still to be updated. The researchers believed that suspects were involved in all five incidents, along with the one that of Alexa. 

Similarly, the survey teams are also trying to reach everyone if they can get any clue about the incident, including the local people and the Tesla company. With high hope, everyone awaits information about the case and knows how Alexa was killed.

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As said earlier investigation regarding Alexa Bartell’s death case is ongoing, and no official reports have been released about it so far. 

However, this has been released that three teenagers are to be arrested for the suspect of the murder case. The authorities declared three teens: Joseph Koenig, Nicholas “Mitch” Karol-Chik and Zachary Kwak. 

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