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Alexandra Ryabova wikipedia is unavailable now. Learn more details about Paola Nespoli Mogile, meaning wife, and her age in this article below.

Paolo Nespoli, alias Major Paolo Angelo Nespoli is a renowned astronaut and engineer who works for the European Space Agency (ESA).

The astronaut made his first trip into orbit in 2007 on STS-120 as a mission specialist aboard the Space Shuttle Discovery.

Paolo made a second trip into orbit in December 2010 as an Expedition 26/27 flight engineer on board the Soyuz TMA-20 spacecraft. In Soyuz MS-05, which launched in July 2017 for Expedition 52/53, Nespoli had his third space trip.

Before the engineer’s retirement in 2019, Nespoli was also the oldest astronaut still employed by the European Space Agency.

The astronaut also holds certifications as a professional engineer, a private pilot, a nitrox diver, and an expert scuba diver.

Nespoli is a master parachutist, parachute teacher, jump master, high altitude low opening, and Special Forces operator in the 9th Paratroopers Assault Regiment because of his military training.

Alexandra Ryabova Wikipedia

As mentioned in the above paragraph, Alexandra Ryabova wikipedia page is currently unavailable.

Hence, people are finding it hard to get hold of her private details as Alexandra Ryabova wikipedia is missing.

Despite not having Alexandra Ryabova wikipedia, she has set up her professional LinkedIn profile where she has listed her experience.

From Ryabova’s LinkedIn bio, she is from Como, Lombardy, Italy. Also, from the experience tab, Paolo’s wife has worked in multiple companies.

Alexandra Ryabova wikipedia
Alexandra Ryabova trying to touch her husband, Paolo Nespoli, from the outside. (Source: Alamy)

Alexandra is currently working as a freelance Organizational Change Facilitator since November 2021. Before this post, Ryabova was serving full-time as the Managing Director at Mama Mashi Ltd. Co. from March 2010 to May 2019.

In the past, Paolo’s wife also contributed as Marketing Director and Marketing Manager for three years, working full-time at Restlend.

Moreover, Alexandra has also got experience as Administration Assistant working full-time at the European Space Agency for over two years from October 2001 to October 2003.

Ryabova has lived a secretive life and has not talked about her private life or family in the media. Hence, there are a lot of details about her career but not a single thing about her life.

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Alexandra Ryabova Age: How Old Is She?

Alexandra Ryabova has lived her life in the shadow and has not disclosed her age in public.

As mentioned earlier, Ryabova has mentioned her career details on the LinkedIn platform but has not mentioned her age or other private details.

It would be much easier for admirers and people to get hold of her information once Alexandra Ryabova wikipedia is set up.

However, looking at the uploaded pictures on the internet, Ryabova is estimated to be in her late fifties. However, Alexandra has not confirmed her age.

Ryabova has tied marital knots with her husband, Paola Nespoli, and the couple is the parents to their children, one daughter and one son.

Paolo Nespoli
Alexandra Ryabova’s husband, Paolo Nespoli is an astronaut. (Source: sempreinter)

Paola’s wife was spotted in public when Nespoli, a Mission 52–53 crew member, waved to his wife Alexandra as he departed for the Gagarin Cosmonaut Training Center in Star City, Russia, on July 16 for a trip to the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan.

Despite Alexandra Ryabova wikipedia being unavailable, her husband has his Wikipedia page containing all his career, education, and awards lists.

Alexandra’s husband got dispatched by The European Space Agency to train at NASA’s Johnson Space Center in Houston, Texas, in August 1998 after he had been chosen as an astronaut for the Italian Space Agency (ASI) in July 1998.

Nespoli participated as a cavenaut in the ESA CAVES training in Sardinia in 2013 with his colleagues Jeremy Hansen, Michael Barratt, Jack Fisher, Aleksei Ovchinin, and Satoshi Furukawa,

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