Alexee Trevizo

Alexee Trevizo Parents are in shock as their daughter is accused of murdering her newborn child by placing it in a hospital trash bag after giving birth.

Alexee Trevizo is a 19-year-old lady from New Mexico whose name has remained in the media for the past few days. The young lady is facing murder charges as she dumped her newly born baby in a hospital trash bag.

Meanwhile, Trevizo told the Police that the child was dead upon birth, but the autopsy report denied all the things said by Alexee.

An autopsy refuted Trevio’s claims, concluding that the baby had air in his lungs and had no defects constant with a stillbirth. 

Alexee Trevizo Parents: Meet Her Father and Mother

Alexee Trevizo’s parents are in complete shock by the action of their daughter. At the time of this post, their names have not been shared with the media due to Trevizo allegedly killing her newly born baby.

Furthermore, there is very less information about her parents as her name came just into the media prominence after being charged with murder.

It has been reported that Trevizo’s mother confronted her daughter. She had initially arrived at the emergency room for lower back pain and had rejected being pregnant when asked by hospital staff.

Alexee Trevizo Parents
Alexee Trevizo’s mother confronted her daughter. ( Source: Law and Crime )

However, a laboratory test showed that the young lady was indeed pregnant, which led her to lock herself in a bathroom. After that, hospital staff informed Trevizo that they were entering, nudging her to open the door. 

The nurse found blood, and they treated her. Later, a hospital team member noticed that the trash bag felt heavy during the cleanup, and further investigation uncovered a newborn baby boy inside the bag, who displayed no signs of life.

Meanwhile, her mother, whose name has not been shared, was previously aware of the pregnancy. Following that, she implored her daughter, to tell the truth, but Alexee urged that the baby not cry.

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Where Are Alexee Trevizo Parents From?

Alexee Trevizo was born to her parents, who are said to be from Artesia, New Mexico. At the time of this post, none of the verified media sources have shared the facts regarding Alexee’s family life.

So, it can’t be mentioned whether Trevizo has siblings or not. As said earlier, Alexee is facing murder charges, and her parents must ensure that she complies with the terms of her release. 

Alexee trevizo Police
Alexee Trevizo is being asked by Police in the hospital bed. ( Source: YouTube )

The Police will re-arrest Trevizo if she violates her bond terms. Furthermore, Trevizo won’t wear an ankle monitor and isn’t under House arrest. 

Meanwhile, Alexee must adhere to a 7 am to 7 pm curfew and observe counseling. Likewise, Alexee can only travel out of state to Texas to visit family as the judge banned any other out-of-state travel.

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Who Is Alexee Trevizo Baby Father?

At the time of this article, the name of Alexee Trevizo’s baby Father has not been shared with the tabloids. As we know, she was pregnant and also welcomed a child.

Following that, people began asking questions about her baby daddy, but none of the media sources have shared the identity of Trevizo’s baby dad.

Alexee trevizo
Alexee Trevizo is out of jail with some restrictions. ( Source: Twitter )

Due to that, multiple speculations are rising online, some of them even claiming that Trevizo may have had an intimate relationship with her partner. However, none of them can be confirmed.

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