Alexis Avila Parents

Alexis Avila parents, Domingo and Martha, are heartbroken to witness how their own daughter dumped her newborn son in a dumping site. 

Alexis Avila is a young girl who recently gained media limelight after charges were made against her for throwing her own baby at the dumping site.

The mandatory 18-year sentence for disposing of her newly born baby behind a shopping mall dumping site in New Mexico was passed down on Monday, although the state district court suspended two years of the term due to the defendant’s age and mental health issues.

Following a day-long trial in 2022 where her public defender declared that her actions were not planned and that a previously neglected mental health disorder competed to the accident, jurors found 19 years old Alexis Avila guilty of child abuse and resulting in intense bodily harm.

There was a strong likelihood the infant would have died had it not been discovered that winter day in Hobbs, close to the Texas border, according to Judge William Shoobridge, who told Avila that if it weren’t for good fortune and God’s favor, she would have been contemplating a punishment in a murder case.

After Alexis Avila was arrested in January 2022 for dumping her newborn son into a trash site, people have been curiously searching for this incident. 

The majority of them are also looking for Alexis Avila’s parents and family tree.

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Alexis Avila Parents: Father Domingo And Mother Martha

Alexis Avila, a pupil at Hobbs High School, was apprehended and charged with attempted murder in 2022 after throwing her newborn baby boy in the garbage near a mall.

After finding the baby, he was being looked after by the New Mexico Youth, Children, and Families Department in Lubbock, Texas, at a hospital and was given the name Saul by his biological father. 

After this incident came out and spread like fire, many people started searching for Alexis Avila’s personal life and began questioning her parent’s upbringing.

However, even after getting arrested, Alexis Avila’s parents supported her unconditionally, and her mother and father didn’t seem guilty.

Alexis Avila Parents
Alexis Avila’s mother, Martha, supported and fully defended her daughter without caring about other people’s opinions. (Source: Daily Mail)

Furthermore, her mother, Martha, defended her daughter with utmost bravery saying, “Everybody makes mistakes.”
She also mentioned that the child’s birth came as “a shock” in her family.

Martha defended her young daughter, “One may speak and express one’s opinion. Everyone makes errors. People can judge and preach all they want, but we only care about one judgment at a time. Yea, it has been a shock.”

Alexis Avila’s mother also stated that she wasn’t aware if the family would be completely handed the custody of baby Saul, even though it was likely to be contested by the baby’s father’s family.

Additionally, the mother-daughter duo also told police officials that they were unaware of Avila’s pregnancy. Alexis also claimed to have given birth in her parent’s bathroom and panicked before throwing away her baby in the trash.

Besides, Alexis’ father, Domingo, supported his daughter and agreed that her intentions weren’t planned.

A Look At Alexis Avila Family Tree

After the incident of Alexis Avila throwing her young biological baby came out in the media, many people were shocked and curious to find out her reasons for doing so.

Additionally, many were also searching for Alexis Avila’s family tree. However, less is known about her family background and early childhood since she was leading a normal private life before her arrest.

Alexis Avila Parents
Very less regarding Alexis Avila’s family background has been revealed. (Source: News West 9)

Still, it is known that Alexis was welcomed into this world by two doting parents, Martha and Domingo. Although Alexis Avila’s parents’ career hasn’t been disclosed, it is known that they come from an affluent family.

Alexis comes from a rich and loving household, and her family members always had her back. Apart from that, not much has been revealed regarding her family tree.

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