Alexis Ffrench Parents

Alexis Ffrench parents – who emigrated from Jamaica – raised him in a strict and disciplined household. His father always advised him to accomplish something extraordinary.

Alexis Ffrench is one of the best musicians in the industry. With his musical prowesses, the British musician has marked his name as a classical-soul pioneer, composer, producer, and pianist.

His music has over half a billion streams. In addition, his album Evolution and Dreamland reached No. 1 in the Classical Music Charts.

The legendary musician has also worked with top fashion houses like Miyake, and Hugo Boss and pop artists, like Paloma Faith.

The Surrey native’s parents are one of the biggest influences in his career. But who are his parents? Let’s get to know them in this short piece.

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Alexis Ffrench Parents: Where Are They From? Family Tree

As stated earlier, Alexis Ffrench’s parents were one of the biggest influences in his career. However, neither of them was a musician.

In contrast, Ffrench’s father loved music and often listened to Stevie Wonder, Ella Fitzgerald, and Marvin Gaye in the house.

In an interview, Alexis once revealed that his dad had big expectations from his kids. The talented composer’s parents emigrated from Jamaica as teenagers. His dad joined the RAF and raised him in a strict Catholic family in Bagshot, Surrey.

Alexis Ffrench Parents
Alexis Ffrench – who became a church organist at the age of seven – was the youngest black church organist in Britain. (Image Source: Yahoo)

Alexis’ dad began his life from scratch in the new city. Ffrench remarked, “People who have been through such situations are very ambitious for their children.”

So, there was strict discipline in the musician’s house. His father always advised them, “Practice, study hard, outperform everyone else, then do something special.”

Ffrench’s musical prowess – which he displayed from an early age by accompanying music on the kitchen table – was that “something special.”

His family bought him a used piano when he was four. By seven, he became a church organist and played for weddings and masses.

After receiving scholarships to study at the Royal Academy of Music and the Guildhall School of Music, he continued his studies at the specialized Purcell School for Young Musicians.

Ffrench’s dad and mom must be proud of his accomplishments in the musical world.

Bob Marley, Stevie Wonder, and Ella Fitzgerald were among those who influenced his career.

Is Alexis Ffrench Married? Meet His Wife And Children

Yes, the legendary artist is a married man with a few kids. Lesley is Alexis Ffrench’s wife. The musician prefers to keep his personal life away from the public eye.

Thus, the details about his marriage are still confidential. It is unknown when the married duo tied the knot. However, it has been reported that Alexis Ffrench has been together with his better half for several years.

Alexis Ffrench Parents
Alexis Ffrench is married to his wife, Lesley, and has two kids. (Image Source: The Sun)

The Surrey native first crossed paths with his spouse at his Freshers’ Ball when he was 18 years old. Lesley is a double bassist. Since then, the adorable pair have been together.

Furthermore, Alexis Ffrench is a doting dad to his two children – a son Jobim and a daughter Savannah.

As of 2023, Alexis Ffrench’s daughter, Savannah, is 22 years old, and his son, Jobim, is 20 years old.

The musician’s son is a student at St. Andrews. He is majoring a Chines and international relations at the institution. On the other hand, his daughter is a classical and modern dancer in London. Savannah has performed in her father’s music video for Dreamland.

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