Alisha Goup

Alisha Goup died from injuries after she was struck by a vehicle while walking in Oldham, Greater Manchester. 

Her family has identified Alisha Goup, and she was from Royton. The deceased’s parents have asked for privacy following the accident she faced on Thursday. 

The incident occurred near Royal Oldham Hospital; Police announced death after a car collision on Thursday afternoon, at around 1.30 pm.

People have taken an interest in the following news; they have been sharing condolence and prayers for the family of Goup. 

The investigation is ongoing, two-man has been suspected following the cases, and still, more information is yet to come out. 

Read further to get an insight into the two suspects, Omar Choudhury and Hamidur Rahman. 

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Who Is Alisha Goup? 16-Year-Old Killed In Crash

Alisha Goup, identified as the victim killed in a crash, was hit by a car that mounted a pavement.

Her family has been asking for privacy following the death. She was hospitalized after the crash, and Police and many local people were at the scene. 

Alisha Group, 16, has been named as the girl who died after being hit by a car in Oldham
Alisha Group, 16, has been named as the girl who died after being hit by a car in Oldham. (Image Source: The Mirror)

Numerous law enforcement and emergency personnel were present at the location, as depicted in images of the area.

People at the scene observed a damaged black vehicle visible beyond the perimeter established by authorities.

Also, Alisha’s report seems to have yet to be released or made public. This could be due to several reasons, such as ongoing investigation and confidentiality concerns.

It is essential to respect the legal and ethical guidelines surrounding the release of information related to ongoing investigations. 

Omar Choudhury And Hamidur Rahman Arrested And Charged

Greater Manchester Police has arrested two men who were involved in following the tragic incident where a 16-year-old girl died. 

Omar Choudhury, aged 22 and from Royton, and Hamidur Rahman, aged 24 and from Oldham, have been accused of causing death by driving recklessly and dangerously.

Two of the suspect are scheduled to appear at Manchester & Salford Magistrates Court on Monday, February 27. 

A Policeman following the investigation of the incident said, “These charges are a result of an investigation by GMP’s Serious Collision Investigation Unit into a fatal road traffic collision on Rochdale Road in Oldham at around 1:30 pm on Thursday.”

He added, “Sadly, a 16-year-old girl pedestrian passed away from injuries sustained at the scene.”

Emergency services quickly responded to an incident on Rochdale Road in Oldham.
Emergency services quickly responded to an incident on Rochdale Road in Oldham. (Image Source: The Mirror)

More information regarding the suspect, Omar Choudhury and Hamidur Rahman get updated after they will appear in court on February 27, 2023. 

As the case is still in its early stages and the investigation is ongoing, authorities may be limited in terms of the details they can release to the public.

Authorities may withhold personal details about the suspects until they have been formally charged and the case progresses through the legal system.

As more information becomes available, authorities may release additional details about the suspects or the case.

Everyone is now waiting for the Police department to release more information regarding the case and the reason behind dangerous driving. 

Additionally, it is expected that Police focus on providing information related to the incident itself, including details about the charges and any information that may be relevant to the public or the investigation. 

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