Catherine Kassenoff Husband

People are searching for Catherine Kassenoff husband, Allan Kassenoff, and his Wikipedia whereabouts and age after it was revealed that he was the main reason behind Catherine’s death. 

 Catherine Youssef Kassenoff, a victim-survivor who endured years of post-separation abuse and coercive control, committed suicide on 2 June 2023.

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The mother’s closing remarks, which reflect the global experiences of moms and the family court system were shared in her final Facebook post

Catherine Kassenoff recorded her husband Allan Kassenoff criticizing her and her daughters repeatedly as she battled fatal breast cancer.

Allan is accused of tormenting his wife mentally up until her death by suicide earlier this week as their marriage reportedly deteriorated over time.

The couple both held solicitor jobs in New York, but Catherine abandoned her job to care for the couple’s daughters. She reportedly had cancer three times during this time, with the most current diagnosis being considered fatal.

Following her suicide, people are now searching for details of her husband, Allan Kassenoff, who was the sole reason for Catherine’s death. Hence, this article revolves around Allan Kassenoff’s personal details including his Wikipedia and age. 

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Who Is Allan Kassenoff, Catherine Kassenoff Husband?

Men like Catherine Kassenoff’s husband, Allan Kassenoff compel us to question humanity once in a while.

He was married to Catherine, and while he was supposed to protect his wife and kids as a husband, he turned out to be the exact opposite, as he put his entire family’s life at risk.

Allan Kassenoff is an abusive guy who intimidated his own wife, Kassenoff for several years. He made ruthless attempts to imprison her on spurious charges as recently as March 2023. 

As a result of Allan’s constant ex parte evictions from the homes she owned and rented, her property was taken away, her life savings were destroyed, she lost her two dogs, her career and reputation were destroyed, and she experienced humiliation and exclusion that came along with all of these hardships.

Catherine Kassenoff Husband
Catherine Kassenoff apparently committed suicide following her husband, Allan Kassenoff’s continuous abuse and pressure. (Source: Facebook)

Furthermore, in Catherine’s final Facebook post, she shared that she was wrongfully arrested on 26th January 2022, based on allegations made by her husband, Allan Kassenoff on three separate occasions-in December 2021, October 2021, and then on 25th January 2022.

However, she won after the hopeless lady defended her innocence and overcame these accusations.

All of his false accusations were abandoned on March 16, 2022, and his false ex parte orders for safety were revoked. His allegations of “contempt”—which included a demand for her imprisonment—were likewise firmly rejected.

Similarly, Catherine Kassenoff’s husband, Allan, made her life hell to the point that she had to kill herself by leaving her loving daughters behind alongside her other family members.

Allan is being criticized online by users who are eager to see him go on trial inside the prison.

He is, however, free to lead a regular life and has custody of his daughters while also taking a leave of absence from his job.

Allan Kassenoff Wikipedia And Age

Following Catherine Kassenoff’s death, people are searching for Allan Kassenoff’s Wikipedia whereabouts and age, so that they can collect more information about him.

However, since Allan was leading a low-key personal life until now, there isn’t a Wikipedia page yet dedicated to him.

Still, as per Greenberg Traurig, Catherine Kassenoff’s husband is a trial attorney who was over two decades of experience in litigation patent matters covering areas of industry and technologies, including financial services, electronics, automotive, aerospace, biotechnology, avionics, consumer products, chemical, and pharmaceutical. 

Catherine Kassenoff Husband
In all of the major venues for patent cases, Allan Kassenoff has served as lead counsel in innumerable matters covering various technological fields. (Source: Greenberg Traurig)

He also has taken hundred of argued case dispositive motions, depositions, and conducted hearings of Markman in federal courts over the country, and has tried around four patent cases to verdict. 

Speaking of his age, since Allan Kassenoff’s exact birth date and other birth details haven’t been revealed yet, it is unknown what his current age is. 

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