Allan Marshall

Allan Marshall ***** news shocked the social media user, and the news got more media limelight after the Cc tv footage got viral on social media sources. 

Thirty years old man Allan Marshall was a family man, and his tragic ***** saddened people as Allan was violently controlled by up to 17 prison officers in HMP Edinburgh.

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Allan died on 28 March 2015. However, the case is many years older, but it has been freshening up as the cc tv footage has recently been viral all over the media platforms that have grabbed the public attention. 

Allan Marshall was jailed on remand, charged with violating the peace in March 2015. Marshall was not just a random person; besides, he was a family man and a loving father, so, along with the life of Allan, many bonds and dreams of small kids were destroyed too. 

Details On Allan Marshall *****

If you are a social media addict, you must have heard the name of Allan Marshall, who is recently trending on all social media handles regarding his CCTV footage. 

As mentioned earlier, Allan was 30 years old at the time of his *****, and after more than five years, his case has been heated up for the old video of Allan’s ***** was published by the Daily Record. 

Allan Marshall was a man who died while in custody at Edinburgh’s Saughton Prison in March 2015. Also, Allan had been serving a short sentence for a non-violent offense and had a history of mental health issues.

According to reports, he had been struggling with anxiety and depression.

Allan Marshall
People are demanding justice for Allan Marshall. (Source: Twitter)

On his ***** day, Marshall was restrained by several prison guards, who dragged him naked through a corridor and subjected him to inhumane and degrading restraint techniques, including using a towel over his face.

The CCTV footage of the incident was not released until later, but when it was made public, it sparked anger and controversy.

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Reportedly, he was found unresponsive in his cell later that day and was rushed to the hospital, where he was pronounced dead.

CCTV Footage Showed Allan Marshall Being Dragged Naked To *****

After reviewing the CCTV footage from Saughton Prison, a report confirmed that corrections officers restrained Allan Marshall before his unfortunate passing.

The video has been watched by over a thousand people and is available online on various sources. So, following the video, we can see that police officers were taking Allan naked, followed by guards. 

Then after a while of Allan entering the shower, guards dragged Allan facedown out of the shower. The video shows that Allan was dragged out of the shower half-naked, and all the officers started hitting him. 

Allan Marshall
CC TV footage of Allan Marshall restrained by several prison officers. (Source: Daily Record)

Similarly, he was pulled out by the unit’s paramedics. Similarly, the reports revealed officers wrapped a towel around Allan’s face.

The video is not fully available as it has been published with several cuts, so, this is quite challenging to know what exactly happened as we can only see officers dragging him out of the showers. 

However, this footage has brought tears to people’s eyes, and definitely, Allan’s family must have gone through a difficult situation, losing a father, husband, and son. 

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Allan Marshall Case Update

The tragic ***** of Allan Marshall has sparked widespread outrage, and a recent update reported that Police Scotland had been ordered to investigate the Scottish Prison Service and the organization could face corporate homicide charges.

Lord Advocate Dorothy Bain KC gave more details about the case, and he also met Allan’s family and thanked them. Furthermore, he said that he couldn’t say more as the investigation was going on, and more details would be updated soon.

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