Missing Allen Livingston

Allen Livingston missing case has a new update, as his remains were identified at Fox Hollow Farm. Here’s more info about his missing case.

Allen Livingston was a missing man who went missing in 1993. He and another man were possible victims of Herbert “Herb” Baumeister, who died by suicide in 1996.

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Livingston’s family searched for answers for more than 30 years. His mother had a strong feeling that he was a victim of the suspected Indiana serial killer, Herbert Baumeister.

This week, his family finally found the closure they had been seeking. Livingston’s DNA was confirmed as a match to remains discovered on Baumeister’s Fox Hollow Farm, according to the Hamilton County Coroner’s Office.

Allen Livingston Missing Update 2023

Allen Livingston missing case has a new update as his DNA was confirmed as a match to remains discovered on Baumeister’s Fox Hollow Farm.

A bone discovered on Herbert Baumeister’s Fox Hollow Farm in Westfield in 1996 has now been identified through forensic genealogy as belonging to Allen.

The match was confirmed when Livingston’s mother gave a DNA sample to investigators after the county coroner reopened the case last year. Allen is the ninth presumed victim of Baumeister, who caused fear in Indianapolis during the 1980s and 1990s.

Allen Livingston Missing
Allen Livingston missing case has a new update as his DNA was confirmed as a match to remains discovered on Baumeister’s Fox Hollow Farm. ( Source: WTHR )

Livingston’s family had urged Jellison’s office to re-investigate the case last year. Livingston disappeared on the same day as Manuel Resendez, another suspected victim of Baumeister, whose remains were also found on the alleged serial killer’s property.

Livingston’s family found the news they had been waiting for, but it was bittersweet. They had long suspected Baumeister’s role in his *****.

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Allen Livingston Missing Case Explained

Allen Livingston disappeared three decades ago at age 27. According to the Doe Network, Livingston went missing on the same day as another alleged victim of Baumeister, Manuel Resendez, whose body was discovered buried on Baumeister’s property.

Baumeister, aged 49, took his own life in Canada in July 1996, just as investigators were looking to question him about the human remains found at Fox Hollow Farm, his 18-acre estate in Westfield, a city in Hamilton County, located a few miles north of Indianapolis.

Allen Livingston Missing Case
Allen Livingston missing case is trending on the web as a new update has been given. ( Source: WTHR )

According to Jellison, Livingston’s family initiated the renewed identification process when one of his cousins contacted him last year, expressing their belief that Livingston might be one of the individuals found on Baumeister’s property.

The missing case of Allen has gone viral, and many people are confused as he linked his case with DJ Akademiks, whose real name is Livingston Allen.

Allen Livingston Dead Or Alive

As said earlier, a bone was found on Herbert Baumeister’s Fox Hollow Farm, and a report showed that it belonged to Allen Livingston. Considering this fact, it can be said that he is dead.

Livingston was reported missing to the Indianapolis Police Department in 1993. Livingston’s identity was revealed through the collaborative work of numerous forensic experts who were dedicated to identifying the nearly 10,000 human remains.

Allen Livingston Dead
Allen Livingston is dead as his remains were said to be found. ( Source: NBC News )

The remains were said to be bones and fragments recovered from Fox Hollow Farm. The case started in June 1996 when Baumeister’s 15-year-old son found bones on their 18-acre estate in a remote wooded area of Hamilton County, just about 60 yards from their home.

Furthermore, the investigation is ongoing, and more updates may be published in the future. 

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