Allister Adel Kids

Explore the info on Allister Adel kids with her husband David. Learn about the former Maricopa County Attorney’s family details.

Allister Adel was a prominent American attorney who made history as the first woman elected as Maricopa County Attorney in Arizona. 

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Her tenure, beginning in 2019, aimed at reforming the county’s prosecutorial practices.

Adel faced controversies, resigning in 2022 amid health and work-related challenges.

Tragically, she passed away on April 30, 2022, leaving behind a legacy of legal service and advocacy.

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Meet Allister Adel Kids With Her Husband David DeNitto

Allister Adel and David DeNitto celebrated nearly 20 years of marriage, a partnership that weathered both triumphs and challenges.

The couple’s two children, whose names have not been publicly disclosed, now face the difficult task of navigating life without their mother.

The privacy of Adel’s family has been emphasized by her husband, who urged the press and the public to honor their grief and respect their privacy during this challenging time.

Despite the public controversies surrounding Adel’s tenure as Maricopa County Attorney, her family remained a source of strength and support.

Allister Adel Kids
Details about Allister Adel and David DeNitto’s kids remain private. (Image Source: Facebook)

Adel’s dedication to her role as a wife and mother was evident in her family’s private moments, contrasting with the public scrutiny of her professional life.

While Adel’s public life was marked by her groundbreaking role as the first woman elected as Maricopa County Attorney, her private life centered on family values and personal connections. 

Who Is Allister Adel Husband David DeNitto?

David DeNitto is the husband of the late Allister Adel, the former Maricopa County Attorney who passed away at the age of 45.

Their marriage, which would have marked 20 years in May, was tragically interrupted by Adel’s sudden *****.

David’s life took a devastating turn on Christmas Eve in 2023.

The holiday gathering at their residence ended in a shocking incident where he allegedly took the lives of two women, identified as Cynthia Domini, 83, and Maryalice Cash, 47, before ending his own life.

Allister Adel Kids
David DeNitto, husband of late Allister Adel, faces tragic Christmas aftermath. (Image Source: Facebook)

The incident occurred in the context of a relationship between DeNitto and Maryalice Cash.

While details about David’s personal life remain relatively private, he is now faced with navigating the aftermath of the loss of his wife and dealing with the complex circumstances surrounding the events of that fateful Christmas Eve.

The community and public figures have rallied around David and the family, offering condolences and support during this incredibly challenging time.

Allister Adel Family Details 

Adel hailed from a family that valued education and character. She attended the prestigious Hockaday School, where her father’s sacrifices ensured her access to quality education.

The school’s principles of character, courtesy, scholarship, and athletics left a lasting impact on Adel.

Seeking broader horizons, she ventured to the University of Arizona, graduating with a degree in political science and minors in Spanish and criminal justice.

Her early aspirations to make a difference in the legal field led her to work at the Maricopa County Superior Court from 1999 to 2001 in criminal court administration.

Allister Adel Kids
Adel’s journey took her from the distinguished Hockaday School to the role of Deputy County Attorney. (Image Source: Arizona Capitol Times)

Adel’s commitment to public service led her to Arizona State University’s Sandra Day O’Connor Law School, where she earned her law degree in 2004.

Joining the Maricopa County Attorney’s Office, she served as a deputy county attorney for seven years, contributing to various bureaus focused on vehicular crimes, gangs, and drug enforcement.

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