Amanda Ngo Bathurst Accident

Amanda Ngo Bathurst accident is a trending topic as a nurse and spin instructor died in a horrific *****. 

The fatality of the Bathurst crash was said as be someone who could “light up a room.”

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A woman from Bathurst who died in a three-vehicle accident on Friday is remembered by her friends and family as a kind and shining example in the neighborhood.

The three children and boyfriend of Amanda Ngo, a 37-year-old spin instructor, and nurse, are left behind.

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Ngo is characterized as having a “heart of gold” and having lived life to the fullest in an obituary posted on Elhatton’s Funeral Home website.

The obituary stated that Amanda was up for any challenge, “from hiking to Mount Everest base camp to scuba diving with stingrays in Hawaii, to riding camels through the Moroccan desert.”

Amanda Ngo Bathurst Accident: Here Is What Happened

Ngo’s friend and coworker, Rachel Legacy, claimed she was horrified to learn of Ngo’s passing. At the hospital’s emergency room in Bathurst, Legacy also serves as a social worker. 

She learned Ngo was the accident victim while she was getting ready to provide trauma care to the victim’s relatives.

According to his Legacy, Ngo could live a whole life while maintaining his modesty. “She took these actions. And she would never bring it up in conversation. You would have no idea of her strength.” 

Ngo’s competitive nature and capacity for success “in everything she put her mind to” are highlighted in her obituary. 

She participated in the arduous two-day Nepisiguit Challenge alongside Ngo, which involved mountain biking, kayaking, and hiking.

Amanda Ngo
Ngo, who occupied the summit of the pyramid, “had an exuberant, limitless joy for life.” (Source: CBC)

The ever-competitive Ngo and the often non-competitive Legacy found themselves in an unexpected situation. 

She wanted to win the competition, and I was simply like, “Oh look, a tree, it’s so wonderful,” so that was like the cutest mix ever, said Legacy.

Ngo was described by Legacy as having the ability to “light up a room in a matter of moments… or [get] you enthused to push yourself even further.” 

She remarked that Ngo constantly encouraged others to go the extra mile to accomplish their objectives.

She would tell her students, “Today is 10% Thursday,” which meant they should exert themselves 10% harder than they did the previous Thursday, according to Legacy. 

She always has the perfect words to tell you how wonderful you are.

In a Facebook post, the New Brunswick Nurses Union recognized Ngo, who served as one of the faces of its 2018 Nursing Matters Campaign. The union remarked, “She had a joy for life that was contagious and knew no bounds.”

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She had a heart of gold, and the nursing profession had lost an outstanding member far too soon. Ngo’s employer, Spin North Bathurst, where she was an instructor, also lamented her passing.

Spin North Bathurst wrote on Facebook, “Today we lost our hero.” “The one who uplifted us all moved mountains and encouraged us.”

No funeral is anticipated. Wednesday’s visitation will take place at Elhatton’s Funeral Home. Today at Spin North Bathurst, a celebration honoring Ngo will get underway at 4 pm.

A Short Bio About Amanda Ngo 

She was the adored daughter of Hillsborough residents Paul and Janet (Butland) Smith and the devoted sister of Aaron Smith, who was also from Hillsborough. She was born in Moncton, New Brunswick.

Amanda leaves behind her husband, her parents, and her three Bathurst-based children, Hunter, Camille, and Guillaume.

Numerous relatives, aunts, uncles, and friends also survive her. Her mother-in-law “Ba,” her in-law brothers Trac and Hao, and her in-law sister, Ha, all feel saddened by her departure.

To attend the University of New Brunswick’s School of Nursing, where she earned her Bachelor of Nursing degree, Amanda relocated to Bathurst in 2004.

With the love and encouragement of her husband and kids, Amanda returned to school to earn her master’s degree in nursing from Athabasca University.

Amanda was a devoted nurse practitioner who provided Jacquet River with kind, compassionate, and understanding care. She was a cherished member of the medical community.

Amanda cherished life and made the most of each day. She will be remembered as having a kind heart and going above and beyond to assist anyone in need.

With her devoted husband by her side at all times, Amanda’s fearlessness and sense of adventure allowed her to travel the globe.

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Amanda never shied away from a challenge, whether it be scaling Mount Everest, deep sea diving with stingrays in Hawaii, or riding camels across the Moroccan desert.

We all agreed that Amanda was the most competitive person we knew and that she was excellent at anything she set her mind.

She attracted many friends to Spin North, where she was a positive and enthusiastic personality who was frequently rendered speechless, thanks to her most recent obsession.

Amanda was constantly training to be ready for her next adventure or challenge. Everyone’s lives were filled with so much enthusiasm and energy because of her. She changed everyone who had the chance to meet Amanda.

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