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Fans are interested in learning more about Amanda Owen And Clive Owen Relationship as Amanda Owen And Clive Owen recently broke up.

English shepherd Amanda Owen is both a writer and a presenter. In Swaledale, a village in the Yorkshire Dales, Owen lives and works on a rural farm called Ravenseat Farm.

Owen first received public recognition via her Twitter account as “The Yorkshire Shepherdess,” and she has since published five novels.

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Amanda Owen And Clive Owen Relationship: Yorkshire Shepherdess Affair And Cheating Scandal

Over the years, Amanda Owen and Clive Owen, who have nine children together, have kept the specifics of their wedding day private, but since they co-starred on their popular Chanel 5 show, their breakup was much more widely publicized.

In front of the cameras, Amanda recently discussed how she handled their relationship’s dissolution and called it “very tough.”

Andrea Owen And Clive Owen and Amanda met in 1995, at ages 42 and 21, respectively. While the shepherdess believed their romance was more of a “slow burn,” divorced Father of two Clive claimed he was instantly “struck with her” when she visited Ravenseat Farm despite their 21-year age difference.

Amanda Owen And Clive Owen
Amanda Owen And Clive Owen. (Source: The Mirror)

It was a slow-burn affair, Amanda stated on the podcast The Poet Laureate Has Gone To His Shed.

We started to get to know one another. We first established friendships before venturing out in small groups.

They later got married five years later. Amanda opted for a distinctive off-the-shoulder wedding dress with a multicolored flower print instead of the typical bridal white, accessorizing it with a veil, long satin gloves, and a black choker.

When Amanda Owen And Clive Owen openly acknowledged a “rocky patch” in their marriage in November 2021, that was one of the first indications that they were having relationship issues.

The following June, they unluckily announced their separation. Amanda posted on her Instagram Stories:

“Clive and I are heartbroken to confirm that we have made the difficult decision to separate.”

Amanda Owen Reaction To ex-Clive’s Our Yorkshire Farm rival spinoff 

The star of Our Yorkshire Farm, Amanda Owen, has released a statement following the premiere of the first episode of Beyond the Yorkshire Farm, which featured her ex-Clive.

Channel 5 announced at the start of the year that Clive and her son Reuben would get a spinoff, while Amanda’s show would not receive a second season.

In the first episode, they started a new Company venture and attempted their first challenging task: digging a series of pools in Cumbria.

Clive Owen And his son
Clive Owen And his son, Reuben. (Source: The Mirror)

Clive could be seen confronting Reuben about his new relationship with Sarah, who made the crowd laugh with her frog phobia while digging up a pond.

Fans were overjoyed to see Clive and Amanda get back together for the season after they announced their separation earlier this year.

Amanda Owen Net Worth 2023

Amanda Owen’s time in the spotlight has paid off nicely, as seen by her claimed £1 million net worth.

The 47-year-old star of Our Yorkshire Farm, who once struggled to make ends meet while taking care of her family, is now in charge of her business empire.

The TV Actress has a seven-figure net worth, and TG Time claims she makes £250,000 a year thanks to her five best-selling books, magazine partnerships, and ten years on television.

Amanda Owen And his son
Amanda Owen And her son, Reuben. (Source: Instagram)

The mother of nine has a business named Yorkshire Shepherdess Ltd, and according to its financial records, it has cash and assets totaling £74,411.

According to The Sun, the Company owed £36,456 in Corporation Tax, which means that her pre-tax income is roughly £250,000.

The situation could have been better for Amanda; as she previously said, the pandemic’s impact on tourism harmed her farm.

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