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The famous lead singer of The Dresden Dolls band, Amanda Palmer, has always attracted much attention. But lately, Amanda Palmer son has been the focal point. Read more about him in the article.

Born on April 30, 1976, Amanda Palmer is an American singer, songwriter, and best-selling author from New York City, gaining fame as the lead vocalist, lyricist, and pianist of the punk cabaret musical duo The Dresden Dolls.

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The duo gained recognition for their creative songs and theatrical performances that wowed audiences worldwide. But this wasn’t the only musical duo she was a part of.

Amanda and her fellow American musician Jason Webley created a fictional musical duo in 2007, Evelyn Evelyn, and told the backstory of the conjoined twin sisters “Eva” and “Lyn” through their music.

Later in 2011, Amanda Palmer released a book titled Evelyn Evelyn: A Tragic Tale In Two Tomes which shows the illustrated adventures of the conjoined twins.

In addition to that, she has also authored other popular books such as Who Killed Amanda Palmer and The Art of Asking, which were released in 2009 and 2014, respectively.

However, she gained a cult-like fanbase only after being a solo artist, lead singer, and songwriter in Amanda Palmer & the Grand Theft Orchestra.

The second studio album, the crowdfunded Theatre Is Evil by Amanda Palmer & the Grand Theft Orchestra, debuted in the top 10 of the Billboard 200 in 2012 and remains a top-funded original music project on Kickstarter.

As such, the public interest remains high in Amanda Palmer, and many are also curious about her family members, especially Amanda Palmer son.

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Who Is Amanda Palmer Son Anthony Gaiman? Age Detail

Amanda Palmer son, Anthony Gaiman, was born on September 16, 2015, to Amanda and her husband, Neil Gaiman, a famous English author known for his various comic series and novels like The Sandman and so on.

The name Anthony Gaiman comes from the late author and psychotherapist Dr. C. Anthony Martignetti, a close friend, mentor, and childhood next-door neighbor of Amanda Palmer.

Unfortunately, he passed away on June 22, 2015, and as such, Amanda Palmer son, Anthony Gaiman, inherited his name in his memory.

Amanda Palmer Son Anthony Gaiman playing piano
Anthony Gaiman pouting while playing piano (Source: Instagram)

Anthony Gaiman’s full name is Anthony David Karl Palmer Gaiman, but most people call him by his nickname Ash or just Anthony.

However, when he was born, his father Neil loved to call him Squeaker because he mostly squeaked, peeped, or snuffled.

Moving on, Anthony becomes eight years of age this coming September 16, 2023, and as for his interest, he loves pinball, zombies, and The Phantom of the Opera’s soundtrack.

Once in August 2020, Anthony fell off his bike and got his first X-ray at the hastings health center in urgent care. He couldn’t bend his finger for the X-ray, so his mother, Amanda, had to hold it. She shared the whole little story on her Instagram post.

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Anthony Gaiman’s Parent’s And Family Members

Anthony Gaiman’s parents, Amanda Palmer and Neil Gaiman started dating in June 2009 and shared news of their engagement on January 1, 2010, via Twitter.

Anthony Gaiman and his father Neil Gaiman having a lovely moment playing piano
Anthony Gaiman getting carried by his father, Neil Gaiman (Source: Instagram)

On November 16, 2010, Amanda arranged a fun flash mob wedding in New Orleans for his birthday that they considered a marriage, even though it wasn’t legally binding.

But it wasn’t long after that they got married legally. Little over a month later, they wed each other on January 2, 2011, in the presence of well-known writers like Ayelet Waldman and Michael Chabon.

After the marriage, Neil Gaiman took Amanda’s middle name, MacKinnon, thus, forming his now full name, Neil Richard MacKinnon Gaiman.

On another note, Anthony Gaiman has three step-siblings, Michael, Holly, and Madeleine Gaiman, from his father, Neil Gaiman, and his previous wife, Mary McGrath.

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