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Amber And Barnett Are Married since 2019. They shared one of the most theatrical relationships In the first season of the Netflix reality show Love Is Blind.

Amber Pike and Matt Barnett had issues when they got engaged on Season 1 of Love Is Blind, but where does this fan-favorite couple stand today? One was immediately hit when it was released just before the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic.

Its rapid rise in popularity has already led Netflix to renew Love Is Blind for five seasons. On a mission to build connections during a breakup pod, the cast of Love Is Blind continue their social experiment and meet face-to-face only when they get engaged.

Are Love Is Blind Season 1 Couple Amber & Barnett Still Together?

Matt Barnett and Amber were one of two couples to tie the knot in the Love Is Blind finale. And now, over a year later, they are still together.

During the cast’s reunion show, currently streaming on Netflix, the couple revealed that they “learn more about themselves by traveling and doing fun things.” I am sharing pictures, but not all were happy.

Amber And Barnett Are Married
Amber And Barnett Are Married. (Source Image: Style Caster)

The couple admitted they had difficulty adjusting to life after filming. Amber, who had been candid with Barnett about her financial hardships even before their marriage, said the lack of work had “stressed” her husband.

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It took them some time to get used to eating and socializing together as a married couple, but having different expectations of marriage was what they ultimately discussed the most.

“I know I was on the edge of a breakdown because I expected so much of what I wanted from my wife,” Amber said. We knew each other, but we still got to know each other.

Amber And Barnett Divorce Rumors Explained

After the Season finale of love is Blind, the newly wedded couple admitted that they were having difficulty adjusting as the pair has yet to discover several new things about each other.

Amber And Banrnett
Amber-And-Banrnett On Netflix Reunion. Source Image: Realitytv)

Amber And Barnett were married in 2019, and they were finding it hard to manage their financial crisis, resulting in complications. Amber said she also worked as a cocktail waitress in the bar to support her husband.

In the Netflix Reunion shows, the couple revealed, “I understand there has been one factor wherein we nearly broke due to the fact we had such expectancies out of what we desired as a husband and wife,” Amber said.

Later, she revealed, “At one point in time, I was thinking of getting a divorce lawyer because something was not working for us.” The couple was broken at the edge of time. However, the situations are under control now.

Amber and Barnett Are Married in season one, and they are still together, having a strong bond to share. The loving pairs are not divorced as of 2022, as it is a rumor.

Are Amber And Barnett Going To Have Kids?

After all of the Drama settled, Amber and Barnett had been nonetheless together and appeared poised to preserve their marriage strong over the lengthy run.

But lovers have every other query about their future, whether or not the Barnetts plan to have children.

Love Is Blind Amber Barnett 1
Love-Is-Blind-Amber-Barnett. (Image: TheCinemaholic)

Especially because Amber mentioned looking to be a stay-at-home mother for their time dating in the pods, the fans had been watching for the couple to have a baby right away.

But in interviews, considering they tied the knot, Amber defined that she and Barnett desired to take the strain off their relationship and experience being together, the manner they might have had they dated for real before getting married.

Amber additionally defined that one of the main reasons they do not want to have kids is because Barnette is very analytical in this decision. The couple will think of having kids when they will find it easy on each other.

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