Amelia Earhart Plane

One of the biggest problems with the Internet is about to arise. Was Amelia Earhart’s airplane discovered? Where did she vanish? Stay with us till the truth is revealed.

Earhart was the first woman to fly solo across the Atlantic. Likewise, she was the first to make a solo flight from the U.S. mainland to Hawaii.

So, where did the brave woman suddenly disappear in July 1937? Earhart’s vanish remains one of aviation’s most significant unsolved cases. Let’s find out the reason for her disappearance.

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Where Was Amelia Earhart Plane Found?

American aviator Amelia Earhart disappeared in an unknown location over the Pacific in July 1937. Officially, she was declared lost at sea as her plane wreckage was never to be found.

Amelia Earhart Plane Flight-Route
Female Aviator Amelia Earhart’s Flight Route Map. (Source: The Ney York Times)

The lady pilot, born on July 1897, was one of the first aviators from Kansas.

Many search explorations were conducted to find the wreckage of Amelia Earhart’s plane.

Likewise, the International Group for Historic Aircraft Recovery (Tighar) has been heavily involved in searching for Earhart’s aircraft at Nikumaroro. Tighar is a non-profit organization that aims to preserve air crafts and aviation archaeology.

Yes, many wild theories were created by a few fascinations that she was an American spy and the Japanese (during World War II) captured her at sea.

The theory suggested that Earhart pretended to be a New Jersey housewife to fake her identity. However, this theory just feels like any other hoax about her disappearance.

But those who believe in the crash suggest a navigation line at Nikumaroro, where the crash occurred.

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What Happened To The Amelia Earhart?

Female aviator Earhart departed Lae for Howland Island with another crew member Noonan. They stopped on July 2nd, 1937, to refuel. She had not been seen since this point.

However, the actual cause of her disappearance is unknown as of this writing. Hence, many urban legend theory debunkers relied on their traditional method of involvement of UFOs, aliens, and paranormal occurrences like time travel.

Amelia Earhart and Fred-Noonan-last-flight
Amelia Earhart (on the left) and Fred Noonan’s pictures before their last flight. (Source: New York Times)

But a likely reason could be the bad weather and storms. The sudden occurrence of storms during flight at sea is very normal. Maybe, Earhart could have caught on to one of such storms.

Moreover, she lost radio control with the U.S. Coast guard. After losing contact with Earhart’s plane, the Coast guard crew quickly contacted the coast of Howland Island.

Amelia was very experienced in flights, with many successful solo flight records in her name. However, her sudden disappearance made it one of the greatest mysteries in aviation.

American aviator Amelia Earhart set many flying records. She championed the advancement of women in aviation. Furthermore, she was the first woman to fly above 14 Thousand feet.

Although she vanished years ago, the flying woman inspires millions worldwide.

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