America Thayer Viral Video

America Thayer viral video: a disturbing clip showing Thayer being beheaded by her boyfriend, Alexis Saborit, circulated online. Find out who recorded it.

On 28 July 2021, a beheaded body was found in the middle of the intersection in Shakopee, Minnesota. The head was also discovered nearby.

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The authorities identified the victim as a 55-year-old America Mafalda Thayer, from the same city. The suspect, Alexis Saborit, was arrested and charged with first-degree ******.

The suspect, who is an undocumented migrant from Cuba arrested by officer miles away from where the dead body was discovered. It has been reported that the suspect and the victim were dating at the time.

Finally, Alexis Saborit was found guilty of his crime on Thursday’s trial. Find out how Alexis killed his girlfriend.

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America Thayer Viral Video Explained

A video of America Thayer being beheaded by her then-boyfriend, Alexis Saborit, went viral on various platforms. The convicted murderer then dumped the 55-year-old’s body and head onto the street.

America Thayer Viral Video
America Thayer was beheaded by her boyfriend and dumped onto the street in 2021. (Image Source: Newsweek)

In Shakopee, Minnesota, the ****** occurred on Wednesday at about 2:30 pm local time. The viral and disturbing video – which made the rounds online – shows the victim being decapitated by her attacker.

Shakopee Police Chief Jeff Tate told a Minnesota news website, “We are aware that a witness took a video of this incident.” The video is one we have. That someone immediately thought to share that on social media is disturbing.”

Police discovered Thayer’s head near her body on the street. In addition, they discovered a knife in a nearby trash can and a knife sheath in a nearby yard.

Shortly after, officers arrested Alexis Saborit, then-42, on suspicion of the ******. The suspect and victim had been dating for around seven years.

How Did Alexis Saborit Kill His Girlfriend America Thayer

America Thayer and Alexis Saborit, an illegal immigrant from Cuba, were on their way through Shakopee on the day of the incident.

After Thayer mentioned breaking up, an argument between the two of them allegedly broke out. Saborit took out a machete he frequently carried and beheaded Thayer.

The Shakopee Police Department was alerted about the shocking incident at roughly 2:30 pm with a report of a headless corpse discarded from a car close to 4th and Spencer.

Upon their arrival, they discovered America Thayer’s headless body lying next to her car. Following a more search of the location, a machete and bloody garments were found in the recycling bin in an adjacent alleyway.

According to police records, multiple witnesses saw the ******. A witness recorded Saborit dropping the body and pulling up Thayer’s head by the hair on camera. Some other witnesses claimed to have seen Saborit toss something after hitting it.

America Thayer 2021 ****** Case Update: Alexis Saborit Found Guilty

America Thayer’s murderer suspect, Alexis Saborit, was found guilty of beheading his girlfriend inside a car, dumping her corpse, and fleeing in 2021.

In a trial with agreed facts, a judge on Thursday convicted Saborit guilty of first-degree ******.

The court determined that Saborit intended to ****** Thayer based on the “nature of the assault.”

His possession of the machete, threats made before the ******, and their “tumultuous” relationship, which was “marked by frequent arguments and accusations of abuse,” reportedly showed premeditation in the Judge’s ruling.

A hearing for review of the case has been scheduled for 1 June 2023.

Alexis Saborit is an illegal migrant from Cuba who was on the wanted list of United States Immigration and Customs Enforcement. He also has a criminal record, including domestic violence charges, a DUI, and evading arrest.

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