Zachariah Smith Children

People are curious about Zachariah Smith children. Explore more about American Idol contestant Zachariah via this article. 

Zachariah Smith is a contestant on the 21st season of “American Idol.” The show features three renowned judges, Katy Perry, Lionel Richie, and Luke Bryan

Zachariah and other contestants will compete in various rounds of the competition, and if they make it through, they will perform live for America’s vote.

The rules and regulations for this season will be the same as in previous seasons.

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American Idol: Zachariah Smith Children- How Many Kids Does He Have?

Zachariah has been married to Crysta Marie for a long time, but they do not share any children. 

However, Smith shares two stepdaughters and a stepson from his wife’s previous relationship. The couple has yet to share much information about their children in public. 

There are several pictures of Smith with his children, suggesting that he has a strong bond with all of them.

Picture of Zachariah Smith stepchildren shared by his wife.
Picture Of Zachariah Smith Children Shared By His Wife. (Image Source: Instagram)

Additionally, the couple has preferred to keep the personal information about their children private. But as per the information, his oldest stepchild is ten as of the 2023 update. 

Along with the information about his wife, there has always been limited information about his personal life. 

Currently, the duo is living a happy marital life with their three kids. Recently, the family of five went on a family trip to Disneyland and uploaded pictures of them on his Instagram.

Zachariah Smith Parents And Family Details

There has been no public information regarding his parents or other family members. 

The couple has kept their information away from the eyes of the media, but it seems like they have supported his career path. 

Smith has been playing the guitar since he was six years old, which has helped him to develop his skills as a musician.

Zachariah Smith With His Family
Zachariah Smith With His Family Source: Instagram

Additionally, he has credited his parents for playing a significant role in his career choice, indicating that they likely supported his musical aspirations.

Zachariah’s siblings, no clear information is available to confirm whether he has any siblings.

While he has yet to mention them specifically, it is also possible that he has not publicly discussed his family in great detail.

Zachariah Smith Has Made To Top 24 

Smith’s performance of “Say You Love Me” by Fleetwood Mac also impressed the judges, and he earned a spot in the Top 24 of the competition.

Making it to the Top 24 is a significant accomplishment and means that Zachariah has passed through various stages of the competition and impressed the judges and audience with his talent.

The audition of his performance premiered on February 2023, and he has continued to impress the judges, indicating that he has a promising future in the competition.

I’m ECSTATIC to announce I made it on American Idols Top 24!!!!
Zachariah Smith Post Of Being American Idols Top 24!!!! (Image Source: Instagram)

Still, to win American Idol, Zachariah will need to continue delivering impressive performances and winning the hearts of the judges and viewers.

If Zachariah wins American Idol Season 21, he will receive a grand prize, which typically includes a recording contract with a significant record, a cash prize, and other opportunities to further his music career.

In addition to the grand prize, winning American Idol can provide significant exposure and publicity, leading to further opportunities for performances and collaborations with other musicians.

Overall, winning American Idol can be a significant turning point in an aspiring musician’s career, providing a platform for exposure, opportunity, and growth in the music industry.

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