Amy Palanjian divorce

Amy Palanjian divorce news has been circulating all over the internet. Did she parted ways with her husband, Joshua Dolezal?

Amy Palanjian is a familiar name for mothers of toddlers.

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She is a well-known recipe developer, content creator, cookbook author, and mother to three kids.

Amy’s website, “Yummy Toddler Food,” is a go-to resource for many parents seeking nutritious recipes and feeding advice.

The content creator shares feeding advice, easy recipes, and tips that make feeding a family feel more manageable.

Also, she runs a second site called “Yummy Family Food” which focuses on healthy and quick meals for families.

While Amy’s professional life is nothing short of remarkable, her personal life created a controversy a few months ago.

And now, her divorce news is circulating. Explore everything about her marriage below.

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Amy Palanjian Divorce News True Or False?

Amy Palanjian’s divorce news appears to be true.

Amy Palanjian divorce
Amy Palanjian divorce from her long-time spouse, Joshua Dolezal (pictured), shocked everyone. (Image Source: The Washington Post)

Based on a discussion on Reddit, it seems that Amy has confirmed her divorce from her husband, Joshua Dolezal, through a post on her Instagram account a few months ago.

A user on the platform shared that the mother of three had posted about her children spending time with their father, implying that she was now living alone.

This revelation has sparked a flurry of conversations among her followers and the general public.

The marriage between Amy Palanjian and Joshua Dolezal had been under scrutiny for some time.

This is especially after it came to light that Joshua had previously faced four felony charges of sexual abuse of a minor.

This news had caused quite a stir, given that Joshua is also the brother of Rachel Dolezal.

Amy Palanjian Denied The Allegations Against Her Husband

In response to the allegations, Amy had issued an official statement defending her husband.

She vehemently denied the accusations against Joshua, describing him as “a wonderful father, a loving husband, a dedicated professor, and the most honest man she knows.”

Amy also pointed fingers at her sisters-in-law, blaming them for tarnishing Joshua’s reputation.

The prominent content creator stated, “His sisters’ lies have hurt an innocent man and his family, and they do a disservice to all true victims of sexual abuse.”

This statement reflects Amy’s strong belief in her husband’s innocence and her disappointment in her family members for their actions.

Regardless, it is sad her marriage with Joshua Dolezal came to an end.

Amy Palanjian And Joshua Dolezal Were Together For Several Years

The precise details of the relationship timeline between Amy Palanjian and Joshua Dolezal, the once-married couple, remain shrouded in mystery.

Amy Palanjian divorce
Amy Palanjian with her three children, whom she shares with her ex-husband, Joshua Dolezal. (Image Source: Instagram)

Despite the lack of specific dates and milestones, it’s clear that their love story spanned several years before reaching an abrupt end in late 2023.

Amy and Joshua, during their time together, were blessed with three children.

Moreover, they painted a picture of a happy family, navigating the joys and challenges of parenthood together.

However, their seemingly idyllic life was disrupted when false allegations surfaced, casting a shadow over their family life.

The prominent recipe developer shared glimpses of her struggles during this tumultuous period.

Despite the adversity, she stood by her husband, defending him with unwavering conviction.

Further, little did anyone anticipate that their journey would eventually lead to divorce.

For those unversed, Joshua Dolezal is more than just a name associated with Amy Palanjian.

Dolezal is a writer and an associate professor of English at Central College in Iowa, contributing to the academic and literary world with his work.

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