Amy Smith Family

Get insights on Amy Smith family as they are devasted by the sudden passing of John Berylson, Amy’s husband.  

Amy Smith is well-known for being the wife of John Berylson. John Berylson was a businessman from the United States.

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John is the founder of Chestnut Hill Ventures LLC. Likewise, Amy’s husband was also the chairman of the London football team Millwall. Berylson was also a US Marine and the Boston Red Sox supporter.

He served as a trustee for several organizations, including the Newton-Wellesley Hospital, Brown University Sports Foundation, and the Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center.

He was also the director of the Brown University Library System.

Following a “tragic accident” on Tuesday, Millwall’s owner and chairman Amy’s husband, John Berylson, passed away at the age of 70, according to his club.

Amy Smith Family: Where Are Her Parents From?

Amy Smith was born to her parents, Richard A. Smith and Susan Flax, in Massachusetts, USA.

Amy’s parents also had three other children, one of them was Debra Smith Knez, who is now married to Brian Knez, managing director of Castanea Partners.

James Smith, one of her brothers, tragically died in 1970. Her father, Richard, is the son of American businessman Philip Smith.

Amy Smith Family
Amy Smith with her father, Richard A. Smith, and her siblings. (Source: PlayersBio)

He started working for his father’s drive-in theater business before becoming CEO at General Cinema Corporation.

Amy and her siblings did not experience any challenges growing up because they were born into an affluent family.

Smith attended Harvard University for her undergraduate degree and earned her MBA after leaving Beaver Country Day School.

Amy had grown up with her father being quite charitable. Through the Smith Family Foundation, they have given out roughly $15 million annually to various groups for years.

Amy Smith Husband And Kids: How Many Kids Does She Have?

John Berylson is the husband of Amy Smith. John Berylson and Amy Smith were married in August 1978. The couple had three kids together: namely Jennifer, James, and Elizabeth Berylson, out of their wedlock.  

Despite the lack of detailed information regarding Jennifer, James, and Elizabeth, it is clear that they are close with their father.

John Berylson’s abrupt passing had a significant impact on his family and everyone fortunate enough to have met him.

Amy Smith husband
Amy Smith with her husband, John Berylson. (Source: Trivedi Tech)

John had Amy by his side throughout his successful business and charitable activities. The foundation was started by John and Amy and was dedicated to advancing numerous causes, particularly emphasizing education.

The two generously donated grants to Birmingham-Southern College, Harvard University, and Brown University.

They also showed their dedication to supporting educational opportunities and their alma maters.

Additionally, the Joey Fund and other health-related organizations benefited from the Berylsons’ charitable work. They also worked with Brigham & Women’s Hospital, Newton-Wellesley Hospital, and the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation.

The couple’s contributions to the medical community seek to advance patient care, medical research, and general health.

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What Incident Occured In Amy Smith Family Recently? 

The tragic loss of John Berylson impacted the whole family. Amy’s family will definitely take strength from their shared memories and the ideals set by John as they navigate this challenging period.

Through their continued upholding of his vision and beliefs, John’s children and wife will continue to pass on his generosity, warmth, and kindness legacy.

He was recalled as a magnificent, warm, kind, and kind man committed to his family and wished to make a positive difference in the world.

He has a fruitful career, holding positions like senior vice president of Advent International and Blyth Eastman Paine Webber vice president.

In addition, Berylson established the private investment company Chestnut Hill Ventures.

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