Ana Mercedes Hoyos Suicide

The Pioneer of Modern artist Ana Mercedes Hoyos’s Suicide became a buzzing topic on the internet after ages following Google Doodle paid tribute to her art recently. Check out more about her death via this article. 

Ana Mercedes Hoyos was a Colombian painter and sculptor who garnered over seventeen awards of national and international recognition. 

Ana Mercedes Hoyos’s vivid play of colors enlivens her abstract works of art and the figurative paintings of still lifes, macaws, and fruit vendors on Colombia’s Atlantic coast beaches.

Later, Anna’s trajectory moved toward cubism and realism as she explored light, color, sensuality, and the bounty of her periphery. Moreover, her works focused on Afro-Colombian and mestizo heritage within the Colombian landscape.

Throughout her prolific artistic career, Anna mounted individual exhibitions in the museums and galleries of cities such as Bogota, Washington, Mexico City, Spain’s La Coruña, Lima, and Tokyo, and collective shows in several countries.

Her interest in art grew while she was still at school, and she took private painting lessons from Luciano Jaramillo.

For more than 50 years, Ana Mercedes Hoyos was considered one of the most important representatives of Colombian art.

Ana MercedesHoyos’s Pop-inspired works gave way to abstraction by the 1970s, including her architectural, minimalist “Ventana” series (1971–1978), for which she won First Prize in the National Artists Salon of 1978 in Bogotá.

Ana Mercedes Hoyos Suicide or Murder: Who Killed Her?

The pioneer Columbian artist Ana Mercedes Hoyos on September 5, 2014, in Bogotá after a brief hospitalization.

According to sources, the Modern Columbian artist died due to Natural death, and the prodigy will be missed by many who relied on her kills.

Ana Mercedes Hoyos Suicide
The pioneer Columbian artist Ana Mercedes Hoyos on September 5, 2014, in Bogotá after a brief hospitalization due to Natural reasons.(Source: Latest News)

Hoyos died in 2014 at the age of 72. Her obituary in The New York Times says she was a “long-time resident of New York City” but died in Bogota, Colombia.

The newspaper obituary described Hoyos as “one of the most important exponents of the art of Colombia for the last five decades.”

Hoyos, who celebrated an artistic career spanning half a century this year, died at the Santa Fe Foundation Clinic, where she had been admitted Tuesday, her daughter Ana Mosser told local media.

As per a New article posted in New York Times in 2014, the Columbian artist was survived by her husband, architect Jacques Mosseri, her daughter, artist Ana Mosseri and two grandchildren.

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Ana Mercedes Hoyos Death: Her Case Update

The 81– year-old Colombian painter and sculptor Ana Mercedes Hoyos, a paradigm of the arts in Latin America, died Friday in Bogota.

Ana Mercedes Hoyos discovered her love for painting early on. The artist from Bogotá took lessons in this while still at school and later studied plastic art.

The painter and sculptor were born in Bogotá on September 29, 1942, as the daughter of an architect couple, Mejía Gutiérrez and Manuel José Hoyos Toro. 

During the celebration of her 50 years practicing the arts, Hoyos noted how her work makes some deeply felt comments about slavery and its legacy in the Americas.

Google Doodle: Explore Ana Mercedes Hoyos Tribute

Google Doodle celebrated pioneering Columbian artist Ana Mercedes Hoyos’s life and work on December 17, 2022.

According to HITC, the Google homepage often refers to critical historical events and notable figures.

Ana Mercedes Hoyos Suicide
Google Doodle celebrated pioneering Columbian artist Ana Mercedes Hoyos’s life and work on December 17, 2022.(Source: Heavy)

Today’s Google Doodle honors the artist with a picture of her work and commemorates her contribution to the arts field.

The San Diego Union-Tribune states that she was known for her “vivid play of colors” in “abstract works of art” as well as “the figurative paintings of still lifes, macaws and fruit vendors on the beaches of Colombia’s Atlantic coast.”

The Columbian artist explored the art of still-life paintings and examined the multicultural diversity of Columbia. Her paintings portrayed Afro-Colombian heritage in a unique yet mesmerizing way.

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