Anderson Aldrich Mug Shot

People are curious about Anderson Aldrich’s mug shot details after the LGBTQ nightclub shooting in Colorado.

Anderson Aldrich is accused of opening Fire at Club Q in Colorado Springs, inflicting more than a dozen injuries in addition to the five fatalities.  

According to an online docket in the El Paso County Court, Aldrich, 22, is charged with five counts of first-degree murder and five counts of a crime motivated by bias that results in bodily harm. 

The 6’4″, 260-pound suspect was subdued by clubgoers during the attack and taken to the hospital for treatment of undisclosed wounds.

Anderson Aldrich Mug Shot: Who Is The Colorado Shooting Suspect?

Under the name Nicholas Brink, Aldrich was born in May of 2000. His parents, Laura Voepel and Aaron Brink, wed in 1999 and gave birth to him. In Orange County, California, in September 2001, his Father requested a divorce on the grounds of irreconcilable differences.

In his initial petition, he asked the court to give Voepel sole physical custody while requesting legal custody and visitation rights. In a 2007 filing, Voepel claimed that her son had no contact with his Father.

Anderson Aldrich Mug Shot
Anderson Lee with his mother (Source: edition.cnn)

Court records, interviews, and a website dedicated to entertainment all reveal that Aldrich’s Father was a mixed martial arts fighter and a porn Actor who served time in federal prison for smuggling marijuana.

In 2009, Aldrich’s mother was sentenced to three years of probation after being found guilty of public intoxication and making a false Police report. 

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The 2008 incident in Murrieta, California, where Police were called to a reported home invasion and discovered Voepel lying on her bed with her hands and legs bound with duct tape, led to the false report conviction.

What Happened At The LGBTQ Nightclub Shooting?

At 11:56 pm local time, the first 911 calls about the shooting were made, according to the Police. At 11:57 pm, Police were called, and at midnight, an officer arrived at Club Q. Police reported that the suspect was apprehended at 12:02 am.

According to Police, the shooting was only minutes long because clubgoers were able to take down the suspect.

LGBTQ nightclub shooting
People pay their respects at a memorial display set up to remember the five victims of the Club Q shooting (Source: edition.cnn)

Vasquez claimed that the suspect was stopped by at least two brave individuals who confronted and engaged him in combat inside the club.

Two guns, including a long rifle Vasquez described in an interview with CNN as an AR-style weapon, were reportedly found at the scene, according to the Police. Although the long gun was the primary weapon used in the shooting, the suspect also had a handgun, which he revealed to CNN on Monday.

According to records, the suspect purchased both the handgun and the AR-style rifle, according to two law enforcement sources who spoke to CNN. CNN has not confirmed the exact date of those purchases.

The club’s owners, who examined security footage, revealed that the shooter arrived at the club heavily armed and wearing a flak jacket resembling one from the military.

According to the Times, one of the club’s owners, Matthew Haynes, claimed that the shooter arrived with “tremendous firepower.”

The U.S. Attorney’s Office for the District of Colorado said in a statement on Monday that numerous federal agencies and offices, including the Department of Justice’s Civil Rights Division, are aware of the shooting even though the suspect is already facing state charges. 

The office announced that it would examine the incident’s information to decide whether a federal response is necessary.

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One of the individuals who stopped the shooter was hurt, Vasquez told CNN on Monday, adding that the injury wasn’t life-threatening. According to Vasquez, the second individual was unharmed.

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