Andrés Malamud Hijos

Andrés Malamud, a renowned political scientist, has children with his wife, Maria Helena. Discover Andrés Malamud hijos, esposa (wife), and family details in this article.

Andrés Malamud is a distinguished political scientist and Senior Research Fellow at the Institute of Social Sciences of the University of Lisbon.

Further, Malamud is a prominent political scientist specializing in European Union politics, comparative regionalism, and Latin American politics.

He has an impressive academic record and teaching stints in various reputable universities across Argentina, Brazil, Italy, and Spain.

Likewise, he is conducting research as visiting researcher Institutes such prestigious institutes like the Max Planck Institute of International Law in Heidelberg.

He has a Bachelor’s degree from The University Of Buenos Aires, along with Political & social sciences from The European University Institute.

Apart from his diverse interests, from comparative regional integration through government institutions and parties to EU studies in 2019.

Furthermore, Malamud published an impactful book called “Unfulfilled Promises,” which explores how the Covid-19 pandemic affected Latin America’s global engagement.

Lastly, Andrés Malamud’s efforts in political science deserve recognition for their substantial impact. His research and publications have gained more profound insights into critical political dynamics.

Apart from his professional career, let’s take a look at the details of Andrés Malamud Hijos and Esposa.

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Who Are Andrés Malamud Hijos (Children) With Esposa (Wife) Maria Helena?

Andrés Malamud is happily married to Maria Helena, and Andrés Malamud Hijos is a daughter named Carolina and a son whose name is not disclosed publicly.

His wife, Maria Helena, is an accomplished professor at the University of Lisbon with whom he shares two kids, Carolina and their son, who they wish to keep away from the public eye.

While the political scientist generally keeps his personal life under wraps, Malamud shares happy moments with his wife and children on social media occasionally.

Andrés Malamud Hijos
Picture of Andrés Malamud hijos (kids) and wife, Maria Helena. (Source: Instagram)

As for Maria, she was born in Portalegre, Portugal, but spent most of her early years in Alpalhão, a humble village where both her parents worked as primary school teachers.

Despite this modest start, Helena went ahead to achieve great things professionally.

In 2019, she was appointed Director at Portugal’s National Defence Institute (IDN), ensuring that leadership runs through her veins.

It is no wonder that in March 2022, Maria was nominated and eventually appointed Portugal’s first female Minister of National Defence.

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Andrés Malamud Family Details

While Andrés Malamud values the importance of family, he maintains a personal stance regarding his family details to protect their privacy.

Respecting his family’s privacy is essential for Andrés Malamud, which explains why limited information exists about them. Other than their names, Maria Helena (his wife), Carolina (daughter) and a son (whose name is unknown).

However, what is widely known is his impressive academic background, research interests, and career as a political scientist.

Andrés Malamud Hijos
Andrés Malamud (Source: Perfil)

Likewise, his parents have also never been introduced publicly. Still, there is no doubt Malamud’s parents and family have played a vital role in his development and success in his career and are proud of him.

Having worked extensively as a Senior Research Fellow at the Institute of Social Sciences of the University of Lisbon, Andrés has gained recognition as an expert in regional integration studies.

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