Andrew Bartlett

Andrew Bartlett was a veteran Hockey referee who died after battling cancer. Take a look to learn about Andrew Bartlett obituary and death cause. 

Andrew Bartlett is no more alive, and is reported to die after battling cancer for many years. Further, he was a hockey referee and coach from Ontario. 

Bartlett received the inaugural SIJHL award, and he was also awarded the most dedicated official award and recognized by the HNO in 2018 with its most deserving award. 

Hockey fans and his students remember his coaching era; he is regarded as a great referee, and more importantly, Andrew was a great person. 

Andrew was a consummate professional and a workaholic who mostly focused on his work and cared about his work on the ice. Bartlett will be sorely missed; people have poured their deepest condolence to his lost soul and family.

Andrew Bartlett Obituary

Andrew Bartlett passed away after his long battle with cancer. So, people are saddened by the news that American ice hockey has lost another notable personality. 

Bartlett’s death has brought a shock wave in social media, and many people have paid tribute to his family. Likewise, Hockey Northwestern Ontario shares his death news on its Facebook page

Along with this, many people and hockey fans have shared and poured condolence on various social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. 

Andrew Bartlett Obituary
Hockey Northwestern Ontario shared Andrew Bartlett’s death news on Twitter. (Source: Twitter)

Fans are shocked to know the death news, and still, people have yet to overcome this news as many aren’t believing that Andrew is no more. 

Bartlett will be remembered for his incredible active years and will be remembered as one of the important personalities on the American Ice Hockey field. 

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How Did Hockey Referee Die? Andrew Bartlett Death Cause

Andrew Bartlett’s death news was circulated via online sources on 25th April. Hockey Northwestern Ontario officially shared the news on its Facebook page. 

Further, Andrew’s death cause is often asked questions on social media sources, and as per the sources, he died of cancer. 

However, little is known about his further health updates, as sources have revealed he was diagnosed with Colon cancer. Andrew was a strong and dedicated person, and throughout his battle with cancer, Andrew never thought of giving up. 

Andrew Bartlett
Andrew Bartlett died after battling Colon Cancer. (Source: Suprise Sports)

Likewise, the online sources disclosed he had been fighting cancer for many years, so this might be the major reason behind his death, as no other information about his health condition before death has been provided. 

Similarly, that was a tough time for Bartlett, but he never gave up on what he was going through, and Andrew was loved and supported by his family. 

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Andrew Bartlett Net Worth Before His Death

Andrew Bartlett was a Veteral hockey coach engaged in the vocation from the beginning of his career. Following his successful coaching career, Bartlett had a more than $1 million net worth at the time of his death. 

Andrew Bartlett
Hockey Northwestern Ontario shared an emotional post after the death of Andrew Bartlett. (Source: Suprise Sports)

Likewise, Bartlett is still remembered for his successful career. Following his professional career, Bartlett might have grabbed massive sums of money from his coaching profession, whose exact value remains to be revealed. 

Also, Andrew was a down-to-earth person, and he never shared his earnings details with his fans and followers on web sources and flaunted his lifestyle among the fans. 

Apart from that, Bartlett’s family has also remained silent about his earnings, so the exact details of Andrew’s net worth remain missing from public sources. 

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