Andrew Bolt Daughter

With the Australian public figure constantly being involved in controversies, the public wants to know about Andrew Bolt daughter. Read the article to get details on his daughter and son James Bolt.

Andrew Bolt is an Australian right-wing conservative commentator who works for News Corp’s The Herald and Weekly Times.

Moreover, he worked for both The Herald and its successor, the Herald Sun and wrote columns for the Herald Sun, Daily Telegraph, and Advertiser, and hosted a TV show called The Bolt Report.

The show Bolt Report airs on Sky News Australia, where Bolt expresses his views on national and political affairs and encourages debate and discussions.

Further, Bolt is known for his controversial views on various political and social issues and has been accused of being abrasive and racist.

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What Is The Name Of Andrew Bolt Daughter?

Andrew Bolt and his wife Sally Morrell have been together since 1989 and are parents to three children.

Sally Morrell is a journalist and also a columnist at the Herald Sun.

However, it is not known or disclosed by Andrew Bolt himself or any reliable source what his daughter’s name or identity is. 

Andrew Bolt Daughter
Andrew Bolt and his wife Sally have three adult children. (Source: The Guardian)

It is possible that Bolt prefers to keep his family’s personal information private and separate from his public life as a commentator and media personality.

Whatever the case, it is commendable that Andrew has been able to keep his daughter away from the eyes of the media and the internet despite being a well-known public figure.

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Who Is Andrew Bolt Son James Bolt?

As mentioned earlier, Andrew and his wife Sally have three children together, and one of their son’s name is James Bolt.

James himself is an author, and writer, and hosts a podcast. He is most notably recognized for contributions to various publications, including the Institute of Public Affairs and Spiked.

Andrew Bolt Daughter
Andrew Bolt (right) son James Bolt (left) is a podcaster. (Source: Herald Sun)

Although James Bolt is not as famous as his father, Andrew Bolt, people are becoming increasingly interested in his personal and professional life.

Nonetheless, he is slowly coming out of his father’s shadow and becoming a bigger personality over the web because of his new projects, existing works, and their quality.

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Controversies Involving Andrew Bolt

Andrew Bolt is a controversial public figure who has been involved in several controversies throughout his professional journey.

In September 2010, a group of nine people filed a lawsuit in the Federal Court against Bolt and the Herald Sun for publishing a racially discriminatory blog post titled White is the New Black and White Fellas In the Black.

And again, in 2020,  Bolt received negative feedback for his opinions about COVID-19. He claimed that the pandemic was not as significant as it was being portrayed and that imposing lockdowns was unnecessary.

Andrew Bolt Daughter
Andrew Bolt is criticized for his racial and controversial statements. (Source: Sky News Australia)

Further, Bolt has faced criticism for his divisive and racist statements. In a recent article, he targeted an Islamic school that had a COVID-19 outbreak, despite similar events happening in other schools in the country.

In addition to all that, Andrew was also criticized by child sex abuse survivors for defending Peter Kehoe, a convicted child sex offender, during a segment on the St Kevin’s College scandal.

In conclusion, the veteran Australian commentator always seems to be involved with controversies, and his controversial views on COVID-19 and his racist and persuasive speaking have been criticized by many.

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