Andy Kimbrel Family

This article aims to provide insights into Andy Kimbrel family, as many viewers have expressed their curiosity about his personal life.

Andy Kimbrel was born on March 29, 1977, in Pleasant Grove, western Jefferson County, Alabama. He is the child of Renda Kimbrel and the late Terry Kimbrel.

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Andy has been known for his humility, caring nature, and great sense of humor throughout his life.

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Andy Kimbrel Family: Meet Parents Renda Kimbrel And Terry Kimbrel

Andy Kimbrel’s parents, Renda Kimbrel and Terry Kimbrel played significant roles in his life. Renda Kimbrel, his mother, provided love, guidance, and support throughout his upbringing.

Although specific details about Renda Kimbrel’s life are limited, it is evident that her presence was instrumental in shaping Andy into the person he became.

Unfortunately, Terry Kimbrel, Andy’s father, passed away before the events surrounding his untimely death.

Andy Kimbrel Family
Andy Kimbrel’s parents are Renda Kimbrel and Terry Kimbrel. (Image Source: The Cinemaholic)

While information about Terry Kimbrel is limited, his influence during Andy’s formative years likely impacted him. Despite losing his father, Andy took on responsibilities beyond his years.

Family sources described Andy as a devoted family man who deeply loved his children. He was known for his enthusiasm for modifying cars, a hobby he had enjoyed since his teenage years.

Additionally, he was an avid Alabama football fan, displaying his passion for the sport.

Kimbrel began his career in public service by volunteering with the City of West Blocton before joining the Fairfield Police Department after completing the Police Academy in Tuscaloosa in 2001.

Andy discovered his true passion when he became the School Resource Officer at Vestavia West Elementary School, where he formed meaningful connections with students.

He later served as the School Resource Officer at Vestavia High School. In early 2019, Andy returned to his role as a patrol officer, dedicated to serving and protecting the community of Vestavia Hills.

Andy Kimbrel Family: Wife And Kids 

Kimbrel’s first wife was Misty Dawn Kimbrel, and they were high school sweethearts.

They were deeply in love, and their happiness grew when they welcomed their daughter, Emma Kate Kimbrel.

Tragically, Misty passed away in 2005 due to a medical condition, leaving Andy devastated.

After a brief marriage following Misty’s death, Andy met Stephanie Nicole Keller in 2015. They were single parents, and their children, Emma and Thomas, were the same age.

They dated for two years before marrying in late 2017 without informing Andy’s family. 

Andy Kimbrel Family
Andy Kimbrel met Stephanie Keller in 2015 and got married secretly in 2017. (Image Source: Daily Mail)

Unfortunately, their marriage was marked by constant arguments and emotional battles. Reports also mentioned a physical assault where Stephanie grabbed Andy by the throat.

Andy’s sister said Stephanie was manipulative and isolated him from his family.

The couple’s arguments escalated on May 2, 2019, lasting for about 24 hours and involving topics such as money and jealousy.

During the intense argument, Emma, who was 13 then, testified that she heard her father and stepmother arguing.

Emma listened to a noise resembling a gunshot coming from their bedroom.

Frightened, she contacted her maternal grandfather to pick her up. Stephanie also called him, asking him to come and get the kids without providing any details.

Stephanie initially told the police that Andy had shoved the gun into her hand, leading to an accidental discharge. However, investigators found inconsistencies in her statements.

They discovered a bloody handprint on the toilet seat, and Stephanie later admitted to washing her hands before the police arrived. Andy passed away, and Stephanie was arrested and charged with murder.

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