Angel Di Maria religion

Angel Di Maria is one of the players to watch in the ongoing FIFA World Cup. Learn all about his religion, family, and ethnicity.

The professional footballer plays as the winger/ attacking midfielder for the Argentina national team (#11) and Serie A club Juventus (#22).

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Di Maria is one of the players to look out for in the ongoing FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022. He is expected to be one of the key players against Saudi Arabia in their first Group B match.

A part of the senior national team since 2008, Di Maria has won 124 caps and scored 27 goals. He previously also represented U23 and U20 teams.

At the club level, he has played for teams like Rosario Central, Benfica, Real Madrid, Manchester United, and PSG before recently moving to Juventus in 2022.

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Angel Di Maria Religion: Is Argentine Midfielder Christian?

Yes, Angel Di Maria is Christian. He follows the Roman Catholic religion.

Di Maria’s friends and acquaintances say he is a highly religious man and prays a lot in his works.

Besides, the Juventus star has stars and cross tattoos on his left forearm that denote his Christian faith.

He also has a Jesus tattoo on the outer side of his lower left leg. Below the tattoo of Christ’s face are the words “Jesus Confio en ti,” meaning “Jesus, I trust you.”

Angel-di-Maria-Tattoo Jesus
Angel Di Maria has several tattoos on his body. (Source: The Sports Lite)

Statista notes that over 41% of people in Argentina have Catholic faith as of 2020. It is followed by Evangelist (5.5%) and Jehova’s witness (1.1%).

All of the major religions in the country are different branches and sects of Christianity.

Learn About Angel Di Maria Family And Ethnicity

Ángel Fabián Di María hails from Rosario, Santa Fe, Argentina but grew up in Perdriel. He was born to his parents, Miguel di Maria and Diana Hernandez, on February 14, 1988.

He is the oldest child in his family and grew up with two younger sisters, Evelyn Di María Hernández and Vanesa Di María Hernández.

Di Maria was an unusually active infant and signed up for football at the age of three on a doctor’s recommendation.

Additionally, he and his sisters helped his parents with their work at a local coal yard.

However, their weak economic background made it difficult for his parents to keep up with his football dreams, like purchasing football boots and other essentials.

Nevertheless, Di Maria’s now-successful football career has helped elevate their lifestyles.

Di Maria, who considers himself to be a family man, gives back a significant amount of his salary to his family. Also, after his Benfica transfer, he asked his dad not to work anymore and purchased a House for his family. 

According to Ethnicelebs, Angel Di Maria is an Argentine national of Italian, Spanish, and likely Indigenous ethnicities.

Angel Di Maria argentina
Angel Di Maria is on the brink of retirement from Argentina. (Source: Euro Sport)

Due to his Italian descent, Di Maria also holds Italian nationality. He is nicknamed “Fideo,” meaning “noodle” in Spanish, because of his slender frame.

Angel Di Maries Shares Two Kids With His Wife Jorgelina Cardoso

Angel Di Maria is married to Jorgelina Cardoso (m. 2011), also a native of Rosario. Her Father’s name is Papito Lindo, and she is a homemaker.

She is nothing less than supportive and travels around the world to watch and cheer on her husband’s football games and events. 

According to Soccer Souls, she is 41 and around six years older than her hubby.

However, the couple likes to keep their personal lives private, and we do not know how or when they met.

They have been blessed with two daughters: 11-year-old Mia Di Maria and 6-year-old Pia Di Maria. 

Angel Di Maria is pictured with his wife and children (Source: Yahoo Finance)

Due to her premature birth, Mia was initially put into a particular facility but fortunately made it out in perfect health and was discharged after six months.

Unfortunately, the Di Maria family has been victims of burglary twice. On January 31, 2015, it occurred in their Prestbury, Cheshire home, and another robbery occurred again on March 14, 2021.

On the second occasion, the attackers also held his family hostage. His then-PSG teammate Marquinhos’ parents’ home was also attacked similarly.

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