Ángel Eduardo Maradiaga Espinoza Death

Ángel Eduardo Maradiaga Espinoza Death information will be discussed in this article. Follow to learn detailed information about Migrant teen. 

A teenager from Honduras came to the U.S. alone and died under the U.S. government’s custody in a Florida shelter facility.

The Department of Health and Human Services acknowledged the death in an official statement but has not revealed the reason behind the death.

The U.S. authorities have been preparing for a surge in border crossings in the past few days.

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Ángel Eduardo Maradiaga Espinoza Death And Obituary

The mother of a teen boy who died while in U.S. immigration custody has demanded answers from American officials department. 

The teenager, Ángel Eduardo Maradiaga Espinoza, had no known illnesses and showed no signs of being sick before his death, according to his mother.

Maradiaga was detained at a Safety Harbor, Florida facility and died on Wednesday.

His death has raised concerns about a strained immigration system as the Biden administration manages the end of asylum restrictions known as Title 42.

President Biden had issued a statement regarding the death of the 17-year-old.
President Biden had stated the death of the 17-year-old. (Image Source: Twitter)

Maradiaga had left his hometown of Olanchito, Honduras, on April 25, crossed the U.S.-Mexico border, and was referred to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

His mother spoke to him for the last time on May 5, when he assured her he was in the best hands at a shelter.

One of Maradiaga’s friends called his mother to inform her that he was found dead when he didn’t respond for breakfast.

After receiving a call from one of her son’s friends at the shelter informing her of his death, Eduardo’s mother contacted someone in the U.S. who was supposed to have received him, asking for assistance verifying the information.

Several hours later, the same person called her back to confirm that her son had died.

Migrant Teen Dies In Custody In Florida

A 17-year-old Honduran boy named Ángel Eduardo Maradiaga Espinoza died in U.S. custody at a Safety Harbor, Florida shelter facility.

The death cause has not been determined, and a medical examiner’s investigation is ongoing for further information. 

The boy had been in U.S. custody for five days before he was found unconscious on Wednesday morning and was pronounced dead an hour later.

Deaths in ORR custody are rare, but in 2019, six migrant children were known to have died either after being detained by border patrol or after being released by HHS to a hospital.

On Friday, a photograph was taken of a group of migrants in El Paso, Texas.
On Friday, a photograph was taken of a group of migrants in El Paso, Texas. (Image Source: Daily Mail)

The HHS is currently reviewing all clinical details of the case, and the department has cited privacy and safety reasons for not sharing further information on the child’s death.

The White House has expressed condolences to the deceased’s family and awaits the results of the medical investigation.

Following the expiration of Title 42, a policy used to deport unauthorized immigrants during the pandemic rapidly, there are concerns about a potential surge of migrants leading to overcrowding in detention and shelter facilities.

However, on Friday, there was no significant increase in the number of migrants processed into custody, and it is unclear if the death of a minor is related to the lifting of Title 42.

Government data shows that more than 8,000 migrant children who arrived in the United States without their parents are cared for by HHS.

The majority of these children arrived during the past fiscal year from Honduras.

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