Angel Reese

Angel Reese weight loss journey has been one of the most searched topics about the LSU Tigers basketball player. Here’s what we know about her diet plans.

Angel Reese is an American basketball player. The Baltimore native plays for the LSU Tigers of the Southeastern Conference (SEC).

She is one of the most important players on her team, and she gives her best on the court. Due to her fantastic physique, Reese has been able to perform well.

Like many athletes, Reese has also maintained her health and physique with regular workouts and excellent diet plans. Exploring her images, we can see her going through a slight weight loss in the past.

With that, her fans and followers are eager to know about her weight loss journey and diet plans which we’ve discussed below in depth.

Angel Reese Weight Loss: Before And After Photos

As mentioned earlier, Angel Reese has gone through a slight weight loss. Comparing her images from the past, it becomes clear that she has lost some weight.

Angel Reese Weight Loss
Angel Reese shares a photo wearing a dress from RoadRich Apparel on her Instagram page. ( Source: Instagram )

All the credit for her weight loss goes to her hard work and regular workout. The 6 feet 3 inches tall basketball player reportedly has a weight of 165 lbs which is 75 kg.

Furthermore, Reese has a toned figure, and her figure has also received huge praise on social media. We can see her photos by following Reese on Instagram, where she is verified as @angelreese10.

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Angel Reese Diet And Workout Routine

Angel Reese follows a proper diet to maintain her health and weight. However, Reese has not shared anything that her diet includes, but we can be clear that she has a strict diet plan.

There are many plans about diet available on the internet related to a basketball player. A report shows that on a caloric basis, one should have 45-65% carbohydrates (bread, pasta, fruits, cereal), 10-30% protein (meat, nuts, beans), and 25-35% fat (oils, butter). 

Angel Reese Training
Angel Reese showcases one of her images from a training session. ( Source: Instagram )

Along with diet, one should have regular workouts, and there is no shadow of a doubt about Reese’s workout routine. On her Instagram page, she showcases her life and her training session.

We can see the basketball player doing regular training in her camp. Once, she also posted a video showing a day in her life during a tournament season.

Meanwhile, the essential details about her workout routine have not been shared with the media.

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Angel Reese Lives A Lavish Life With Her Million-Dollar Net Worth

Angel Reese is one of the most prominent players having an impressive fortune. To afford a quality life, Reese makes a good amount of money from being a basketball player.

According to Sports Manor, Reese has a net worth of at least $1 million which will skyrocket in the coming years. Meanwhile, Reese makes money from sponsorship and endorsement deals.

Angel Reese Gift
Angel Reese lands in her town after a successful game and receives many gifts. ( Source: Instagram )

From her Instagram page, Reese can be seen promoting various brands. In February 2023, she signed a NIL deal with the fashion brand Coach. In the same way, she is also associated with big companies such as Outback Steakhouse, Amazon, and Xfinity.

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